Great Comic Covers!! Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D

  • Title:                       Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D.
  • Issue:                     #18
  • Volume:                #1
  • Publisher              Gold Key
  • Date:                       May 1967
  • Written By:          Russ Manning
  • Pencils:                 Russ Manning
  • Inks:                      Russ Manning
  • Letterer:              Russ Manning, Rome Sieman
  • Cover by:              Vic Prezio

Ahh an oldie but goody book, wow this book is one year younger than me boy do i feel old now!!

Comic Look Out!! Doctor Solor Man Of The Atom

  • Title:                         Doctor Solor Man of the Atom
  • Issue:                        #14
  • Volume:                   #1
  • Publisher :              Gold Key Comic
  • Date:                        September 1, 1965
  • Written By:            Paul S. Newman
  • Inks:                         Frank Bolle                 
  • Cover by:                George Wilson 

I have started to collect some of the older issues that I have read from another current publisher. i first read Solar from Valiant Comics and i found out that some of the characters that they were putting out were from the early years. I am now starting to look for some of these older books. Not too keen on this issue. but I know where some others are and I ill check them out later but for now i liked this cover so i grabbed it while i could. you will start noticing a trend of the books i get. i like cover art and will but the book just for the cover, then for story, and then for interior art.