Great Comic Covers!! Uncanny X-Men Carnage-ized Virgin Variant

  • Title:                       Uncanny X-Men Carnage-ized Virgin Variant
  • Issue:                     #22
  • Volume:                #5
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                       Sept 15 2019
  • Written By:          Matthew Rosenberg
  • Pencils:                 Salvador Larroca, David Messina
  • Inks:                       Salvador Larroca, David Messina
  • Colored:                Guru eFX
  • Letterer:                Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Variant:    Jay Anacleto

Carnage-ized Virgin Variant issued

Great Comic Covers!! Superman/Batman #8F (CGC Graded)

  • Title:                           Superman/Batman #8F (CGC Graded)
  • Issue:                          #8F
  • Volume:                     #1
  • Publisher                 DC Comics
  • Date:                          Jan-2007
  • Written By:              Jeph Loeb
  • Pencils:                    Michael Turner
  • Inks:                         Michael Turner
  • Colored:                   Peter Steigerwald, Peter Steigerwald (cover)
  • Letterer:                  Richard Starkings
  • Variant Cover by:  Michael Turner 

1st appearance of Supergirl V (Kara Zor-El); 2017 SDCC Cover C Virgin Turner Variant (1/1000). This is my 2nd CGC graded comic. I did find another raw copy but for an additional ten dollars i bought this higher graded book instead

Great Comic Covers!! Uncanny X-Men #1A-20 (CGC Graded)

  • Title:                       Uncanny X-Men
  • Issue:                     #1A-20
  • Volume:                #5
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                      Jan – 2019
  • Written By:          Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson
  • Pencils:                 Mahmud A. Asrar, Mirko Colak, Ibraim Roberson,                                        Mark Bagley
  • Inks:                      Mahmud A. Asrar, Mirko Colak, Ibraim Roberson,                                        Andrew Hennessy
  • Colored:                Rachelle Rosenberg, Guru eFX
  • Letterer:                Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Variant:     Mark Brooks

White Queen Emma Frost Virgin Variant Cover by Mark Brooks. My 1st CGC Graded Book. Was looking for a raw issue but could not find one so i bought this instead.

Great Comic Covers !! Vampirella #10D

  • Title:                           Vamiprella Monthly
  • Issue:                         #10 D
  • Volume:                    Monthly
  • Publisher                 Harris Comics
  • Date:                          May 1, 2000
  • Written By:             David Conway
  • Pencils:                     Louis Small Jr., Dorian Cleavenger
  • Inks:                           Kamning Ng
  • Colored:                    Andy Troy, Pete Tobolsky
  • Letterer:                   Dan Saraceni
  • Variant Cover by:  Joseph Michael Linsner
Linsner Metal Tex Holochrome Edition.  Another Gorgeous cover

Great Comic Cover !! Black Cat #1 Mike Mayhew Virgin Variant

  • Title:                       Black Cat
  • Issue:                     #1
  • Volume:                #1
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                      June 5, 2019
  • Written By:          Jed MacKay
  • Pencils:                 Travel Foreman, Mike Dowling, Nao Fuji
  • Inks:                      Travel Foreman, Mike Dowling
  • Colorist:                Brian Reber, Nao Fuji
  • Letterer:               Ferran Delgado
  • Variant Cover:    Mike Mayhew     

Black Cat 1 Mike Mayhew Virgin Variant beautiful cover one of my favorites.