Any Writers out there?

hey!  well as i have written before i have been dwindling in a novel. i been having ideas and a storyline that i have been trying to get written for many years. i started to write everything down  (most of the time) and to put every thing together. i been using some writing programs but most of them seem only to be word processors and not much help at gathering your thoughts together. any body have any decent ways of getting things written? if anybody interested in chatting back and forth or getting together and banging some ideas of each other email me. maybe we could get a group together and see what we can come up with. i started to look into some clubs around here. some i found but you have to pay membership. aaahh don’t think at this stage that i would waist my time on pay membership if i don’t even know which direction i am heading. any thoughts? i have been using ywriter5 lately . its a nice little program that the programer/author designed for himself and shares it free to anybody who wants it. go to and he has all kinds of programs that he has available (plug 🙂 ) ok so if anybody have any ideas, questions, comments etc let me know. of course i have know idea how manny people even read any of this in the first place but WTF it gives me more time practicing writing stuff up.