How to Register a Domain Name

hey this just came up and I just spent some to creating this instructions on how to get a domain name. you can go to many different domain providers and the basic domain name registrations is just that a name registration. so a $9.00 domain name from to a $150.00 domain name from so over expensive provider is no difference. just the price. some might combine a hosting site or other special bullshit but never over pay for a basic domain name registration. as for now I made a quick and easy instruction using me personally I use domain. the steps are the same it’s just I had to do this one for somebody thru her we go.


Go to a domain provider and enter domain name that you are looking for. For work we use and for my personal I use Registering a domain is about the same from any domain provider and only the prices will vary. So if we use you then will do as follows.

· Go to

· For single domain just type it in the box provided but for multiple domains click the link under the search box labeled ‘Bulk Search’


· Using bulk search type a domain name one per line in the box provided and then hit go

· It will tell you the available names and you can check which ones you want to buy and register

· clip_image009

· Click proceed to check out when ready

· Next page just hit continue or if interested check mark the items of interest and it will be added to checkout.

· Review and check out. Next page is where you (new customer) sign up now and follow instructions. Create account and finish. Crating an account will let you control and manage all your purchases thru and allows you to get free webhosting thru them.


so that’s the basics.  hhmmm my arrows didn’t transfer right … oh well you get the idea..

Rio Adventure cot review

been looking for a nice cot that I don’t have to spend and arm and a leg for and came across this one by Rio Adventure.  it’s a aluminum body and canvass cot that is set up as a one peace deal. check out the pic’s. what’s nice is it folds up and comes with a carrying case. you un fold the legs and on the ends you put the loops around the ends and spread it open. doing this the loops stretch the ends so that it does not have any end poles to get in your way. then when its open you click the locking tabs down to lock the cot in place. this cot is very comfortable and big enough for me to roll and not worry about falling off. for only $50 bucks it’s well worth it. I’ll be using it later this year when I take my trip to main. now I have to see if my little pup tent is big enough for it. if not I’ll just up grade my tent for I get tired slipping on the ground all the time. so for this review ill give it  a thumbs up !!


2012 Focus Hatchback

I just received my new 2012 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback last Friday and have been running around town in it lately here are some pics.

check the pics out.sweet. I got the yellow blaze metallic color. it will shift different yellows in the light because of the metallic in the paint. sweet.  love driving it. here are some things about it


  • spunky and fast
  • fun to drive
  • keyless locks and ignition. keep fob in pocket walk up to the locked door touch the handle and it will unlock, then sit inside put foot on break and push start button and zoom your off.
  • have heated leather seats
  • auto headlights
  • auto wipers, yes auto just have them on and when it rains the sensor on windshield detects the rain and the wipers will automatically turn on, sweet
  • I have the 5 door hatch. put down the back seats and my two dogs fit in the back no problem. they are viszlas and about 80 lbs. dogs but they have room to roam in.
  • heated side mirrors, auto dimmer rearview mirror
  • have full my sync navigation system
  • Sony 10 speaker ultimate stereo system
  • gas mileage is twice a better than my truck.



  • front seat bottoms could be a little bigger. I’m not a big guy but I kind of slouch when I sit and I need to get use to the smaller seats
  • have locked up my navigation system 3 times in one day
  • navigation is not that all wonderful my little Garmin is a lot easier to set up destinations and poi then the fords system. of course I was to get booklet on navigation but I don’t have one yet will get one Monday to see about programing the nav system, read a couple of articles online and what I found so far is that you can’t program the nav system from outside source. boo, I can set up my Garmin on my pc then transfer the settings over to the unit with no hassle hope to be able to that with my ford nav.
  • since I have automatic transmission you get a slight delay when driving. this is due to the trans being an electronic trans and it has to calculate which gear to be in for the best gas mileage.
  • even though I get twice the gas mileage of 30+ mpg on my new car vs. 16 mpg on my old explorer. I still get about the same distance with a full tank. this is so because my car has a 12 gallon tank but my old suv had a 22 gallon tank. but in the long run I get the same distance but half the price
  • when switch from radio to nav to phone or from station to station there is pauses that they sync system has. for a system that is pretty well advanced it seems to be on the slow side like they need to boost the memory on the system or use bigger cpu’s.

overall so far I really like the car. I can get adjusted to the smaller seats but the only compliant would be the sync system with navigation. they still need to make some better tweaks in the software for it to run better. I am also having a hitch put on it to carry my bike rack and I thought that now I need to get a little utility trailer. since I don’t have a truck any more I would need something to carry my wood, drywall, big odds and ends that wont fit into the smaller car now. I also am having a roof rack for the same reason put on. on the roof rack I am having the kayak adapter installed for within next month I will be buying a kayak for this summer. another hobby I am trying to get into. spend about $1000 on new equipment and hopefully will save me on thousands for having something cheap to do for the summer. more n the kayak when I get it.

update 3-7-2012

Well well here we are again. Been awhile since I have blogged anything. I have some posts to catch up on . Bought some new train stuff and have been working on my train. Spent way to much on it but what the heck. I also decided to bite the bullet and bought me some top gaming keyboard and mouse. I ended up getting the Logitech G19 keyboard and the G700 mouse. Like the mouse but just getting use to the keyboard. not sure if the keyboard is worth $150 bucks. Will try to get some updated posts up soon ..

Eye-fi aaahh not…

skull well i have bought the Eye-fi pro2. i hooked it up to the pc and it worked but not as expected. it was slow uploading my pics. it was 10 times faster for me just to pull the sd card out and insert it into the pc and copy over than waiting for the eyefi card to upload. i also couldn’t get the adhoc to work. the main goal was if i was out shooting and filled my card i could jut have my laptop pull the pics off for me between shoots. but couldn’t even get the adhoc to work. i also figured that i am using a 16gig sd card and have over 250 jpg+raw pics on it that for the money of a $100 + for a 8gig eyefi i can get a 64gig high speed sd card and be faster with uploads and hold more pics between up loads. so i sent the card back. for me it was a waste and not worth the effort.

Back in the Saddle again

Back in the Saddle again

Well here we are again and I have not written anything for over a month now. Oops. A couple of weeks ago someone has taken my work laptop and my camera equipment. Waaaa. You never know how much shit you have until you try to replace it. I lost have of the cost of everything for under my insurance there is an $1000 deductable. So I cant claim the full amount. But at least I get half of it. I was already willing to spend some cash on a new body but was debating which one. When my old stuff was taken I was open for any manufacture for the only thing that held me back before is that I had 5 Canon lens and it would be stupid to get another system and re-buy the lenses. But since I lost everything I have the option of which one to look at. I looked really hard at Nikon but in the end I still think for the price that they are higher and are equal to the same systems from Canon.  So I decided to get back with Canon. Now with the Canon do I splurge and get the 7D or the new baby brother T2I. After weeks of deciding I went with the baby brother T2I. It was half the price and since I still had to buy lenses I used the difference to get some lenses instead.  I had a great deal from Adorama cameras where I got the T2I with the 18-55mm IS and the 55-250mm IS lens for  around $950. buying the package I saved around $200.  I looked at getting the body by itself for $799 but for the price of the special and an extra $150 I have two good lens. One of the lenses I was looking at if I bought the body itself is around $600-$700 so that would put me back up to $1300-$1400 range. With the package I still saved around $400-$500 with ok lenses to start off with and don’t have to worry of getting top lenses right away.  I am expecting the new stuff sometime this week and I plan on reviewing it for the fun of it. Ill post the review when I can. With the last couple of weeks for school. I have some test and labs to do first.

Pre’ Phone Rocks

Pre' Phone Rocks

Well here we are again. I finally splurged and upgraded my phone. I went with the new Pre’ from sprint. Love the phone so far. Have to get it used to it but so far love how it works. Downside is that I had to upgrade t data package for everything to work. But hey so far it’s worth it.
Love the compact size and the keyboard is not too bad. I had the rumor first time around but I wanted something with more computer power… I did have some problems setting it up for contacts. I wanted to use yahoo for most of my contacts were from there but contacts don’t play well with yahoo. After the sprint store set up my phone with contacts I then went and set up Google. I couldn’t get it to share. So after getting some uumm programs ? I uumm hack it and still couldn’t get it to sync correctly. I dumped my contacts and had to go back to sprint to have them reinstall it.
What you want to do is make sure you set up your Google Gmail account first. Then set Google Gmail for default contacts then everything will sync correctly. Other than that little contacts mishap I had no problems yet. Or major problems. Now and then when you hook up to the power block it keeps beeping that it’s done charging. Just make sure it’s on the base even and solid and it works fine.
I won’t go into details of how to hack the phone but since the phone uses a basic Linux os, all you have to do is root your phone and if you know programming the sky’s the limit. Check out sites for WebOs and they will take you thru it better than I can. With the ease of use and with more apps coming out the Pre’ will start to chip away at the iphone. Never had the iphone but always thought it was more of hype then its worth. Since I got my phone for under $200 I get it at a great price. Phone is small and compact, bought a holder from a website for $1.50 and it’s the best holder I ever had. Clips to belt rotate and unholster phone with one hand to answer with no problems.
Screen on the phone is very nice, have a pick of Megan Fox on front screen and wow just want to cum for here ? hehehe. Phone calls are nice and clear. Phone ringer’s defaults are low but I have put an mp3 song as a ringer and it nice and loud for my place of work to hear. I still can’t get the on screen keyboard to work. That would be great to be able to type on screen without having to open the keyboard up. Have some cool games like rabbit hunt. Nice and fun game. Vids are nice and clear.
So I rate the Pre’ phone 8.5 out of 10 only because its first productions and a lot more tweaks still need to be done. More apps need to be released. But other than that as a phone it’s great.

Heli update

Heli update

well i got my E-flite Blade 400 heli Friday. Sweet. i got it from a local hobbie store. i was going to take a bunch of pics and show it off but i was to excited to play with it. in fact ijumped the gun. charged the battries and went ouy to play. well this is the first time i flew a heli and i still thing it was driftinhg to much and not set right. i just had the urge and went for the gusto. went to hover and it kept drifting back and so i just said WTF. and gunnned it. got it to about 8-10 feet in the aur for about 60 seconds loast control and……………………BAM.. i crashed. have some pics of my now new crashed broken heli. i have already ordered the replacement parts and should be getting them within a couple of days. i also ordered the EXI heli for $35.00 whoich is cheap for a knock off 450 heli. ok when i get the parts in i will take pics and post how i rebuild the heli. until then have fun!

RC Heli is me

RC Heli is me

hello, long time no hear. been doing a lot of research on rc helis. i was always wanting them but never had the money. back in the hey days they only had nitro and they cost thousands of dollars the you also had to buy the radio equipment. well now they have came out with some affordable electric helis the give the nitros a run for there money. since there cheaper in parts and to get i thought i see about getting one. the have combo deals that have every thing in it , just plug and play. some of the beginners have a dual rotor and no tail rotor which makes it easier to learn to hover and fly. i don’t like the way they look so i am getting a combo of a mid size heli to start with.

the first one i was looking at is the hELI-MAX cpv3.[singlepic id=17 w=220 h=140 float=right] this can be found at Tower Hobbies for around $140 or cheaper with discounts. after reading a lot of reviews the heli is decent but it is very unstable and most beginners wont be able to learn much between crashes. the parts look a lot cheaper for repairs but from reading a lot most user give up because its to hard to control. it has a OK radio that is on the cheap side but wtf its a cheap kit


 [singlepic id=16 w=220 h=140 float=left] well the next one i came across is at they have a exceed g2. this one had three flavors. regular deluxe and premium. the deluxe upgraded to a brushless motor , esc and bigger lipo battery, while the premium is all that plus everything is cnc.  looks sweet.  but again i was told and read its a rough ride for a beginner plus the radio again is just a standard basic radio. the one i looked at was the premium and it ran $389.


well i stop up at the local hobby store and talked to a couple of guys and they recommended the E-flite Blade 400.[singlepic id=15 w=220 h=140 float=right] great but last i looked it was close to $500 way out of my zone. the owner says that he has a complete combo with a DX6I 2.4 ghz radio ready to fly with every thing for $379. whooa that radio alone is $250 and i get that all servos , gyros, lipo battery, charger and heli for $378. its also set up like the first three (except standard g2) to fly full 3D. now that’s more like it. i was also told the blade 400 is the most stable heli in its class . it is even rated for intermediate and pro they say more and more newbies are learning of the blade 400 easier then the other two. also this heli is here locally at my hobby shop so if it crashes i can get the repair part the same day instead of have to order it from the net.

well i think im am going this way. as soon as i get it i will post about it and keep every updated on it see ya