Final week 9-12

well its been two weeks since I got back from my trip and I still have not had the time to finish my trip blog. I had to a lot of fixes to catch up on at work and the new semester at school just started. so I had to get caught up before I could update my blog but here I am trying to finish this section so where did I leave off? I think I was at the point of writing about Acadia National park. I  reserved my spot 2 months in advanced and I’m glad I did. the park was full every day I was there. so where do I start off.  I arrived 2 hr before I was allowed to set up, the arrival time is noon and I got there at around 10-is so I had time to waste. the park has a scenic drive that loops around the whole park that is mainly one way traffic so if you see something you just stop in the right hand lane and park, get out and do whatever. they have so many trail heads that they don’t post signs to most of them. of course if you bought a hacking book then you would get the information on where every trail head is.

sorry got held up at work and had to get some stuff done. ok so I finally got to my campsite and set up camp. sites are nice and have a lot of trees for shelter. only thing I did not like was there was no showers in the rest rooms. they did have a place outside of the campsite that had showers but it you had to pay for showers. just another way of getting money. while I was there I explored Acadia and also the small cities around it. I went to Bar Harbor, North and South Harbor and other small towns on the island. I spent the next four days taking pictures and exploring the island and found many beautiful places. from the ocean to the mountains to the marshes all within miles of each other. here are some pics I took the rest can be found on photo for more.