Thule Roof Rack

just got my Thule roof rack and kayak adapter a couple of days ago and installed them. first off is that the instructions are ok but the tape measure they give you is use less. first it’s about 10-15 inches to short to use for my set up. so what i did is put it together with out locking it down and put it on the roof. then i made my adjustments and then locked it down when i had it set up. the front went real fast and easy bit the rears where a pain in the ass to set up. after fighting the rears set up i finally get it to attached where it is to be at and got it to lock down. once installed and located in the correct positions then it was easy to uninstall and reinstall.  since this is my first time i had to install a roof rack, (owned an explorer that had a factory built rack), i thought it went pretty easy. i wanted a rack that i could take off when not in use and so far Thule is the way to go. i had mine put into my deal so i had Thule since they are the ones that supply Fords accessories.  now off to the races and time to get my kayak and try out my new rack systems.