PN-60 earthmate

I just got a hold the pn-60 earthmate gps then a couple of days later I returned it. I just didn’t live up to my expectation. I know the street maps are not the hard core of the unit . it’s more for the outback usage. but come on just spend 300 on a gps and the road maps are 8 years outdated. wow I could see 1-2 years but not 8. I wrote a post and one response is that the roads are not the main function of the unit and the outback don’t need to be updated as much since they don’t change as much but still it seems to be out dated for something I just bought. anyway I used it a couple of times and I thought it was a pain in the ass to use. it never even got the cache loaded it kept on erroring. the compass only work once. after I had to recaliper it a dozen times. in my books I thought I was a waste and returned it. I ordered the Garmin 450t and will have it next week. well see what happens then.

EVO wow

 Been a while since I blogged anything so what’s up? I had to go get my brothers phone fixed and I just happen to be on the day that I was on vacation and the same day that sprint released the new HTC EVO phone. Oh well I decided to get one. Love it. Easy to use and very nice smart phone.

IMG_0267Here is a pic of the phone along with the palm pre. It’s longer and wider but that ok since its all touch and a very big and colorful screen. Beautiful colors and it looks real good on pics and HD vids. Love the  keyboard. I have already written a blog with a word press widget. It was very smooth and easy. It also takes very nice pictures with the 8mag camera. Hell this camera has more megapixels then my old rebel 300d dslr camera. Lots of apps even most of them are just a waste of money and time. The phone is even very cool. I hooked it up to my sync in my truck and it works great. Loud ring tones, speaker is good. Battery is so-so. I charge mine at night and when ever I’m in my truck I have it charging so I have not had it go down yet. Could be better. I heard rumors that they will be coming out with a wireless charging like the palm has the touchstone. HTC is to have one. That would be great. here are some other pics of the phone.