New reviews coming

hey ya all. what’s been happening? well with school and work I have little time to write. schools almost over and ill be graduated and out at the end of June. been thinking of going back in November for another degree. its call Biomedical Electrical Engineering. it is offered here at Cincinnati State College and I’m really interested in it. so I think I’m going to give it a try and go for it. as for reviews I have new camera equipment , the Tamron 18-270mm PZD and I just received the new Sigma 8-16mm wide zoom. its suppose to be really nice out this week end so ill hope I get out and shoot some pics with them. I also received the Spider3 monitor calibration and hope that will work to my satisfaction, and last I have a Vallo battery grip to put on my Canon T2i that will give me two batteries and a vertical grip. were see what happens this week end.

Pics from EVO

skull I was at a local store which sits next to a cement gravel company. the tend to have there lime and other resources railed in by rail cares. and when i was there i took these pics with my EVO. these pics turn out really good. for the most part the EVO boasts a 8 meg camera. and it takes really nice pics. my old Canon Digital Rebel (first digital ever made) was only 6.5 meg. the EVO produces some really sweet pics. i was looking into a small all around camera fro fast shots when i don’t have my Canon T2i with me. and i think that this EVO will be just as good as the small point and shoots. i get some more pics and compare them in a future blog.

IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045

Back in the Saddle again

Well here we are again and I have not written anything for over a month now. Oops. A couple of weeks ago someone has taken my work laptop and my camera equipment. Waaaa. You never know how much shit you have until you try to replace it. I lost have of the cost of everything for under my insurance there is an $1000 deductable. So I cant claim the full amount. But at least I get half of it. I was already willing to spend some cash on a new body but was debating which one. When my old stuff was taken I was open for any manufacture for the only thing that held me back before is that I had 5 Canon lens and it would be stupid to get another system and re-buy the lenses. But since I lost everything I have the option of which one to look at. I looked really hard at Nikon but in the end I still think for the price that they are higher and are equal to the same systems from Canon.  So I decided to get back with Canon. Now with the Canon do I splurge and get the 7D or the new baby brother T2I. After weeks of deciding I went with the baby brother T2I. It was half the price and since I still had to buy lenses I used the difference to get some lenses instead.  I had a great deal from Adorama cameras where I got the T2I with the 18-55mm IS and the 55-250mm IS lens for  around $950. buying the package I saved around $200.  I looked at getting the body by itself for $799 but for the price of the special and an extra $150 I have two good lens. One of the lenses I was looking at if I bought the body itself is around $600-$700 so that would put me back up to $1300-$1400 range. With the package I still saved around $400-$500 with ok lenses to start off with and don’t have to worry of getting top lenses right away.  I am expecting the new stuff sometime this week and I plan on reviewing it for the fun of it. Ill post the review when I can. With the last couple of weeks for school. I have some test and labs to do first.