RC Heli is me

RC Heli is me

hello, long time no hear. been doing a lot of research on rc helis. i was always wanting them but never had the money. back in the hey days they only had nitro and they cost thousands of dollars the you also had to buy the radio equipment. well now they have came out with some affordable electric helis the give the nitros a run for there money. since there cheaper in parts and to get i thought i see about getting one. the have combo deals that have every thing in it , just plug and play. some of the beginners have a dual rotor and no tail rotor which makes it easier to learn to hover and fly. i don’t like the way they look so i am getting a combo of a mid size heli to start with.

the first one i was looking at is the hELI-MAX cpv3.[singlepic id=17 w=220 h=140 float=right] this can be found at Tower Hobbies for around $140 or cheaper with discounts. after reading a lot of reviews the heli is decent but it is very unstable and most beginners wont be able to learn much between crashes. the parts look a lot cheaper for repairs but from reading a lot most user give up because its to hard to control. it has a OK radio that is on the cheap side but wtf its a cheap kit


 [singlepic id=16 w=220 h=140 float=left] well the next one i came across is at xheli.com. they have a exceed g2. this one had three flavors. regular deluxe and premium. the deluxe upgraded to a brushless motor , esc and bigger lipo battery, while the premium is all that plus everything is cnc.  looks sweet.  but again i was told and read its a rough ride for a beginner plus the radio again is just a standard basic radio. the one i looked at was the premium and it ran $389.


well i stop up at the local hobby store and talked to a couple of guys and they recommended the E-flite Blade 400.[singlepic id=15 w=220 h=140 float=right] great but last i looked it was close to $500 way out of my zone. the owner says that he has a complete combo with a DX6I 2.4 ghz radio ready to fly with every thing for $379. whooa that radio alone is $250 and i get that all servos , gyros, lipo battery, charger and heli for $378. its also set up like the first three (except standard g2) to fly full 3D. now that’s more like it. i was also told the blade 400 is the most stable heli in its class . it is even rated for intermediate and pro they say more and more newbies are learning of the blade 400 easier then the other two. also this heli is here locally at my hobby shop so if it crashes i can get the repair part the same day instead of have to order it from the net.

well i think im am going this way. as soon as i get it i will post about it and keep every updated on it see ya