HDR program

skull hey what’s up. it looks like i can write a little more a lot often. started to use window live writer. makes it a lot easier to update site. don’t always have to log into site and wait. ill just jot something down and send it up the way i want it. my EVO has a word press add in but it don’t let me do my pics and tags the same as on the pc. anyway i have been messing with a HDR program and taking some cool shots i have and converting them to HDR. like the two below the first is original shot and the second is the HDR shot.

IMG_0233 (Large)  IMG_0233hdr

i go to Photoshop and take the original pic and make two addition copies. one set at +2 contrast and the second one set at –2 contrast. then i go to my HDR program and load all three jpg’s. +2, –2, and original jpgs are then merged together to get the high dramatic resolution you see on the final product. there is a lot of adjustments to make your pics just pop out. check it out some time. i have more HDR pics over at my gallery http://photoblog.sirryche.com.

Pics from EVO

skull I was at a local store which sits next to a cement gravel company. the tend to have there lime and other resources railed in by rail cares. and when i was there i took these pics with my EVO. these pics turn out really good. for the most part the EVO boasts a 8 meg camera. and it takes really nice pics. my old Canon Digital Rebel (first digital ever made) was only 6.5 meg. the EVO produces some really sweet pics. i was looking into a small all around camera fro fast shots when i don’t have my Canon T2i with me. and i think that this EVO will be just as good as the small point and shoots. i get some more pics and compare them in a future blog.

IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045