Update 4-17-12

here i am again trying to post an update on the site but with little on hand to make a decent post. i have been on vaca last week and have accomplished absolutely nothing at all. i haven’t even worked on my train set. i did make it to a photo shoot. we met at the Ault park in cincy at night and tried to take some moon shots.  i didn’t do to well but the others had some assume shots.  one had a very beautiful shot of the Pavillion and just looking at her pic tells me that i need to learn more on how to compose my shots. my look drab and hers are just eye-popping. school starts up again Wednesday so ill have little time until i see how hard my classes are. was thinking i need to find a new fast prime lens but then i thought that i need to find more learning tools on composing. it’s not always the equipment that you have that makes a picture but the way you see it and how you capture the scene that makes the shot.

Cotton Carrier Reviews

skull well i just got the cotton carrier for my camera and so far i like it. was able to get out and take some shots last weekend and i put the holder on and used it while i was downtown Cinci.

the carrier is the best i have used so far. i don’t like the straps that came with my camera because its just to thick and uncomfortable. i have bought the sun bounce camera strap. that work ok . it attaches to the bottom of the camera and slide up and down the strap. but i don’t like that it always swing and wasn’t to good for hiking up and down hills or riding your bike.

the Cotton carrier with the quick connect lets you hang your camera in front of you and it stays there. it don’t swing around. it hugs your body so you can climb hills and ride a bike with quick access to the camera for fast pics. one of the best products i have bought in a long time. it is also very well built and i think it will last a long time. be testing it more as time allows 


Back in the Saddle again

Back in the Saddle again

Well here we are again and I have not written anything for over a month now. Oops. A couple of weeks ago someone has taken my work laptop and my camera equipment. Waaaa. You never know how much shit you have until you try to replace it. I lost have of the cost of everything for under my insurance there is an $1000 deductable. So I cant claim the full amount. But at least I get half of it. I was already willing to spend some cash on a new body but was debating which one. When my old stuff was taken I was open for any manufacture for the only thing that held me back before is that I had 5 Canon lens and it would be stupid to get another system and re-buy the lenses. But since I lost everything I have the option of which one to look at. I looked really hard at Nikon but in the end I still think for the price that they are higher and are equal to the same systems from Canon.  So I decided to get back with Canon. Now with the Canon do I splurge and get the 7D or the new baby brother T2I. After weeks of deciding I went with the baby brother T2I. It was half the price and since I still had to buy lenses I used the difference to get some lenses instead.  I had a great deal from Adorama cameras where I got the T2I with the 18-55mm IS and the 55-250mm IS lens for  around $950. buying the package I saved around $200.  I looked at getting the body by itself for $799 but for the price of the special and an extra $150 I have two good lens. One of the lenses I was looking at if I bought the body itself is around $600-$700 so that would put me back up to $1300-$1400 range. With the package I still saved around $400-$500 with ok lenses to start off with and don’t have to worry of getting top lenses right away.  I am expecting the new stuff sometime this week and I plan on reviewing it for the fun of it. Ill post the review when I can. With the last couple of weeks for school. I have some test and labs to do first.