Day 2 update

ok so I still have not upload anything yet I made my first post from m phone to evernote and will transfer that first and when I get to a wifi site ill upload this. so what did day two have in stored for me. I woke up 4 am and had to pee. then I look up in the sky and say a meteorite fly by. like zipp. so I went down to the amphitheater to see if I can get a better view. the stars were amazing but I did not see anything else. bummer. I went back to bed. woke back up around 7am had a breakfast snack and then hit the road for some exploring. I stopped at Doyle’s falls parking lot at mile marker 81 to check out haw bad it would be to hike. see I’m not just out if shape but way out of shape. I stop at the entrance and read the sign and it read that the falls are about 2.5 miles round trip and about 2.5 hrs. to make the trip. hhmm 2.5 hrs. don’t seem long so I went back to my car and changed into my hiking shoes. I started down the trail. this is no easy trail. mostly rocks and very un even and the first grade was at least 8-9% downgrade. you were hiking down the freekin mountain. a quarter of the way I stopped and ask myself do I want to do this?? of course my ego said we can do anything we want as long as we just try. stupid ego. that was a hike. getting down to the falls wasn’t that bad. I even went another 0.3 to the lower falls. yes they are beautiful and I took some great pictures. but was it worth it?? do it once and I know not to go again. so after the falls I started back up the hill. 4.5 hrs. yes I said 4.5hrs later I finally made it back to the parking lot. an hour down and about 3.5 hrs. and 30 breaks to catch my breath I made it. my legs and back hurt lake a mother #$%^. I took some Advil and some other meds and went back to campsite and went back to sleep. that hike killed me. I need to build up my stamina for it’s all gone right now. after I got up around 1-2 pm I got in the car and drove the rest of the skyline parkway. nice views and very pretty sites but after 2-3 of the pull overs your still looking at the same damn mountains. I finished that and came back to camp to finish my day two report. here’s some pic’s so far.