Tick Tock

time is running down. I’ll be heading off to Maine for my 2 week vacation. leaving my dogs in care of my brother at home.  I plan on heading east to Shenandoah national park for the first half of week one. then ill be heading to Portland Maine for the rest of the week. from their ill head up to Dexter Maine and go through the Baxter state park for some moose hunting photography. and then the finale week ill be staying in the Acadia national park and doing some more photography with canon’s photography workshops.  along the way ill hope to find some old churches, cemetery’s, also do some kayaking. ill be reporting back and blog my trip with some info on where to stay as of right now I have two places that I will be staying but I am winging it for most of the trip. stay tuned for more updates.

rain rain go away

skull well hell, why is it when i plan on taking a vacation the weather decides to get nasty? is it a message form the big man in the sky or what. i was planning on taking st rt 52 east and just go east at least until i hit the blue ridge parkway. but i have been watching the weather a little and good ole hurricane earl decides to stop by around the same time ill be out east. and make the weather nasty. hhmm maybe ill take rt 52 and go west and see where i end up . hhhmmmm.