Pre’ Phone Rocks

Pre' Phone Rocks

Well here we are again. I finally splurged and upgraded my phone. I went with the new Pre’ from sprint. Love the phone so far. Have to get it used to it but so far love how it works. Downside is that I had to upgrade t data package for everything to work. But hey so far it’s worth it.
Love the compact size and the keyboard is not too bad. I had the rumor first time around but I wanted something with more computer power… I did have some problems setting it up for contacts. I wanted to use yahoo for most of my contacts were from there but contacts don’t play well with yahoo. After the sprint store set up my phone with contacts I then went and set up Google. I couldn’t get it to share. So after getting some uumm programs ? I uumm hack it and still couldn’t get it to sync correctly. I dumped my contacts and had to go back to sprint to have them reinstall it.
What you want to do is make sure you set up your Google Gmail account first. Then set Google Gmail for default contacts then everything will sync correctly. Other than that little contacts mishap I had no problems yet. Or major problems. Now and then when you hook up to the power block it keeps beeping that it’s done charging. Just make sure it’s on the base even and solid and it works fine.
I won’t go into details of how to hack the phone but since the phone uses a basic Linux os, all you have to do is root your phone and if you know programming the sky’s the limit. Check out sites for WebOs and they will take you thru it better than I can. With the ease of use and with more apps coming out the Pre’ will start to chip away at the iphone. Never had the iphone but always thought it was more of hype then its worth. Since I got my phone for under $200 I get it at a great price. Phone is small and compact, bought a holder from a website for $1.50 and it’s the best holder I ever had. Clips to belt rotate and unholster phone with one hand to answer with no problems.
Screen on the phone is very nice, have a pick of Megan Fox on front screen and wow just want to cum for here ? hehehe. Phone calls are nice and clear. Phone ringer’s defaults are low but I have put an mp3 song as a ringer and it nice and loud for my place of work to hear. I still can’t get the on screen keyboard to work. That would be great to be able to type on screen without having to open the keyboard up. Have some cool games like rabbit hunt. Nice and fun game. Vids are nice and clear.
So I rate the Pre’ phone 8.5 out of 10 only because its first productions and a lot more tweaks still need to be done. More apps need to be released. But other than that as a phone it’s great.

Repost of LG Rumor Review

Repost of LG Rumor Review

Yep like the title says i’m going to attempt to review my new phone. i have never before done this so bare with me. 

lets start off with is that i have here a Lg rumor that i use.     nice phone. it has a 1.3 mag camera, mp3 player, bluetooth. and full qwerty keyboard for texting. screen is nice and clean but downloads are slow and not a good phone for surfing the web. i have used it for email but if you just get a lot of junk then the email is a waist of time. i had samefriends send me some picture emails and never could get the pics to show.

The mp3 player works great and  ilike how easy it is to set up the songs on your mico sd cards and it plays them sweet. as for picture quality its soso. i have seen a lot better. as for texting. the qwerty slide out key board is great! since i’m not much aof a texter the old way of picking out 3 different letters from one key just makes me so slow that the other texter would have 6 messages to be before i finish one. with the key board at least i can knock that down to 2 to 1 ratio. heheheh.

so here are the Pros and Cons for Me


  • easy to use qwerty keyboard
  • ok camera (first phone with cam that i owned)
  • good loud MP3 player
  • no droped calls (so far)
  • battery has nice life time


  • can’t make own ringtones from sd cards
  • needed to be on higher end internet standards to receive sprint TV( not worth it anyway)
  • camera needs zoom and could use higher mag pixel

so final thoughts of this phone is that i like it. if i didn’t i wopuld have takin it back as soon as i could. stay tuned for reveiw on Samsung m520 phone