Open new store ???

Thinking of opening another lingerie store. I had one years ago and if j had the funds it would still be open. I had to close it. I still have my accounts and contacts. I thought of reopening a new one. Love women in lingerie don’t you.  Anybody have any helpful ideas. Just give me a shout.. my last store was based off of Zen cart and it took months to get it set upbthe way like it. I bought a template and redesigned it the way I like it. Sad thing is that the old plate won’t play nice with the newer software. I would have to have it completely re done just to have it work now. Before I decide to buy another one for Zen cart their is another cart called cscart. I have loaded it and it seems to pretty good but it seems  bit new and not much support unless you buy the higher package. Well ill play around and see what happens