office/library update

well I have finished painting and installed my desk. but ran out of money to add the bookshelf’s. I want to make the one wall a built in bookshelf and have all my books and magazines that I have in them. I also have to install the floor. as for nowFile0093 I think I will paint the concrete a different color then when I have money and time I will put some plank flooring down. hmmm I just might put carpet if I can get it for the right price. here are some pics of the project ahhh dang my pics are on another pc. ill dig them up and add them later..OK here I am with some pics the first is when I had the whole basement open and had my pool table. since I have not played pool in many years I sold it and decided to make my office instead. this pic is also after I just installed my new drop ceiling and was showing off it off. the next pic is from about the same position but with the IMG_3131new walls and new hidden door installed. I have added my desks and finished painting the walls but I ran dry on cash and have to wait to get my floor done. I also added some pics of my desk and work bench and of the painted walls. I used counter tops and bought the legs from ikea. I have used counter tops for other desk in my house, they work great.



IMAG0266IMAG0259IMAG0260IMAG0261IMAG0262IMAG0263to officeto entertainment rooom


Well here I am sitting in the parking lot of IKEA waiting for the store to open. I thought I jot something down since its been awhile since my last post.  I am in the middle of building a room in the basement and I just recently remembered to take some picture between the steps of building the room. I tend to get into the zone and build then forget to take pictures t
o explain what is am doing. So ill be posting a piece on that room or what I like it to be is a library here soon. Also ill be posting some reviews and some pics of my new Barbie doll that I just received. I have a lot of ideas to write about but I tend to get in the lazy side and then never do it. Whew stores open time to go.