So sorry

Sorry for not being on here for awhile. I have been very busy. I have just graduated from Itt in computer and electrical engineering technology course. I’m now officially an engineer. Yahoo. And since I been out of school I have decided to go back and get even smarter.  I have enrolled and been accepted to Cincinnati State college for their biomedical electrical and information division. So ill be going back to school in November. If all goes as planned after two years ill the end up at university of Cincinnati to finish of the biomedical degree and be even smarter. Duh. Anyway I have some new lenses for my camera and ill be posting some pics from them and hopefully do a little review of those lenses. I also bought a new Terra trike bike ill do al little something on it to. Well gota go see next time.

New reviews coming

hey ya all. what’s been happening? well with school and work I have little time to write. schools almost over and ill be graduated and out at the end of June. been thinking of going back in November for another degree. its call Biomedical Electrical Engineering. it is offered here at Cincinnati State College and I’m really interested in it. so I think I’m going to give it a try and go for it. as for reviews I have new camera equipment , the Tamron 18-270mm PZD and I just received the new Sigma 8-16mm wide zoom. its suppose to be really nice out this week end so ill hope I get out and shoot some pics with them. I also received the Spider3 monitor calibration and hope that will work to my satisfaction, and last I have a Vallo battery grip to put on my Canon T2i that will give me two batteries and a vertical grip. were see what happens this week end.


Well its that time of year.  Ba Humbug. Been swamped at work have to install 80 plus pc’s by the 24th. I have about aabout 3-4 to do. And about 5-7 that I have to wait on for software. Other than that I did just it all in the time frame.  Everybody have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

still here

well I’m still kick in. work been tough lately. my company is upgrading there network and i have a short time to get them company upgraded. bought new dells with Intel’s new I7 cpu. so far they are pretty nice.

been brain storming on my book i keep saying i want to write. i guess i just don’t want it all that bad. i keep putting it off time after time. its something i need to get in the mood for. this is the difference of a real writer and just an everyday dreamer that wants to write. being a writer is harder than people think. ya i can sit down every now and then and jot something down like I’m doing now. but to create a book and make it good is the hard part. i need to look into some workshops .  start school this evening.  i have 3 quarters left yaaaha. kind of of getting burned out . but ill keep on trucking to the end.

TDD 2 Photoshoot

skullWell well well.  whats up people?  our photo club was just together this past week end and we had Erica model for us. we headed downtown to fountain square and walked around a two block radious and had erica pose for us. it was a sweet day. I took like over 600 pictures that day. I have posted them up at my photoblog head on over and check them out. all the shoots are streight from the camera. when I have time I will be deleteing and rediting them so only the good ones will be up. hope you like them.

Cotton Carrier Reviews

skull well i just got the cotton carrier for my camera and so far i like it. was able to get out and take some shots last weekend and i put the holder on and used it while i was downtown Cinci.

the carrier is the best i have used so far. i don’t like the straps that came with my camera because its just to thick and uncomfortable. i have bought the sun bounce camera strap. that work ok . it attaches to the bottom of the camera and slide up and down the strap. but i don’t like that it always swing and wasn’t to good for hiking up and down hills or riding your bike.

the Cotton carrier with the quick connect lets you hang your camera in front of you and it stays there. it don’t swing around. it hugs your body so you can climb hills and ride a bike with quick access to the camera for fast pics. one of the best products i have bought in a long time. it is also very well built and i think it will last a long time. be testing it more as time allows 


HDR program

skull hey what’s up. it looks like i can write a little more a lot often. started to use window live writer. makes it a lot easier to update site. don’t always have to log into site and wait. ill just jot something down and send it up the way i want it. my EVO has a word press add in but it don’t let me do my pics and tags the same as on the pc. anyway i have been messing with a HDR program and taking some cool shots i have and converting them to HDR. like the two below the first is original shot and the second is the HDR shot.

IMG_0233 (Large)  IMG_0233hdr

i go to Photoshop and take the original pic and make two addition copies. one set at +2 contrast and the second one set at –2 contrast. then i go to my HDR program and load all three jpg’s. +2, –2, and original jpgs are then merged together to get the high dramatic resolution you see on the final product. there is a lot of adjustments to make your pics just pop out. check it out some time. i have more HDR pics over at my gallery

live writer working.

skull well i have just loaded live writer and it looks like it works pretty good. i have used this in the past but it didn’t work as expected then. now it seems to work with my blog pretty good. will do more test and see what happens, well just sent this up a couple of minutes ago and every thing seems to work. i am very happy now.

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It works hahaha

 well I have just set up my word 2010 to use as a blogging editor. And so far it is working pretty good. I was using an gif avator from the site to create my skull pic but cant seem to make it work from word. Don’t see an area for post avatars or anything to create tags. So far I just load the skull pic into the blog and it looks the same just don’t rotate.