Rio Adventure cot review

been looking for a nice cot that I don’t have to spend and arm and a leg for and came across this one by Rio Adventure.  it’s a aluminum body and canvass cot that is set up as a one peace deal. check out the pic’s. what’s nice is it folds up and comes with a carrying case. you un fold the legs and on the ends you put the loops around the ends and spread it open. doing this the loops stretch the ends so that it does not have any end poles to get in your way. then when its open you click the locking tabs down to lock the cot in place. this cot is very comfortable and big enough for me to roll and not worry about falling off. for only $50 bucks it’s well worth it. I’ll be using it later this year when I take my trip to main. now I have to see if my little pup tent is big enough for it. if not I’ll just up grade my tent for I get tired slipping on the ground all the time. so for this review ill give it  a thumbs up !!