PN-60 earthmate

I just got a hold the pn-60 earthmate gps then a couple of days later I returned it. I just didn’t live up to my expectation. I know the street maps are not the hard core of the unit . it’s more for the outback usage. but come on just spend 300 on a gps and the road maps are 8 years outdated. wow I could see 1-2 years but not 8. I wrote a post and one response is that the roads are not the main function of the unit and the outback don’t need to be updated as much since they don’t change as much but still it seems to be out dated for something I just bought. anyway I used it a couple of times and I thought it was a pain in the ass to use. it never even got the cache loaded it kept on erroring. the compass only work once. after I had to recaliper it a dozen times. in my books I thought I was a waste and returned it. I ordered the Garmin 450t and will have it next week. well see what happens then.

Quick review 1490t


          Well I have been using the garmin 1490T for the last couple of days. Been very good. I like the junction view on the express ways it is very helpful. The only thing I have problems with is the security feature. I set the code and you are to be able to set a destination like your home as a main location so you don’t have enter decode when you are there. Well it makes me enter my code every time. Of course breather it do thatcher let a flicking thief steal it and use it. At least this way its useless to them. Of size is about the same as it was from my garmin 265wt model. Other than that there is not much difference that I see. Will test it out more this weekend and report back.


GPS 1490t is here!

Well I  just received my net GPS a garmin nuvi 1490t today. Will be putting it to the test. My old god was a garmin 265wt and it worked sweet but we had a wave a crime rip thru or side of town. Kids been getting into vehicles and steeling stuff out of them. Shot I was hit twice. The first time I under stand the stuff that was taken was my camera equipment and a laptop. OK I did leave it unlock, bell I always left it unlock back in the days and recently I had the habit of locking it if I had stuff in it. I thought I locked it but with my new truck the buttons of the locks toggle the opposite way then my old truck so I bet I unlocked if anything. One stricken against me. The second time two weeks later swore up and down that I locked it bit again I bet I unlocked instead. Two strikes. But I won be had I third time.  If I ever catch the assholes the taken my shot it’s not the cops that will be called but the Horst. At insurance covered most of it. I still lost out on the long run. But at least I have some new current stuff. Like this new goal and a new camera that I think that I posted on an earlier blog. Be doing some reviews on them soon, see-ya then..