Installing Waste King L-2600

Installing Waste King L-2600

It was time for a new garbage disposal as my 14-year-old OEM disposal decided to start falling apart. One of the metal pieces decided to break off and not play anymore.  So after a long and time-consuming research on new disposals, I have come to a conclusion that I do not need any high power top of the line disposal. I for one do not use mine that much in the first place and the small 1/3 hp motor lasted me for over 14 years as it is so I started to look for a cheap decent unit to replace.

I found out that there are many different brands out there and all kinds of sizes. But for my needs ad very very low budget I wanted one less than a $100 bucks. I ended up with the Waste King Ledged 1/2 hp l-2600 model.  It was only $67.00 from Amazon and it was also more hp than my old one. After looking at the reviews I decided that this would work for me and within my current budget.

The only thing I did not need was the power cord. My old unit was hard-wired and I know how to do wiring so I wasn’t concerned about have the power cord pre-wired.

I installed the unit my self-being a handyman. I will fix about anything in my home or at least give it a shot before I call in someone else. Let’s face it I’m a tight ass and if I can do it myself to save some bucks then I will.  Anyway here is what I did to install the Waste King L-2600 garbage disposal.


First, I have to turn off the circuit breaker from the main junction box to cut the power off from the old unit. As the old unit was hardwired I have to disconnect it.

After I have turned off the breaker I then cleared out the cabinet under the sink so I had room to work.

I have to disconnect the old plumbing from the old unit then I reached up to the collar of the old unit and turn it counterclockwise to unhook the old unit from the bottom of the sink.


Once that was disconnected I flipped over the unit and unbolted the nut from the bottom of the unit so I can access the wiring. The wiring is connected with wire nuts that you can untwist to disconnect each wire. Red, black, and ground (bare wire). Once disconnected I can new move the old unit out from underneath the sink and out of the way.


At this point, I do have a couple of options. since the old unit used a quick connect system and my new unit last has a quick connect system I could just hang the new unit up on the old connections and go from there but my old quick connect and drain were just filthy and slimy from years of use so I decided to use the new stuff that came with the new unit. So I pried off the rubber gasket that let the quick coupling come off and UN screed the drain.


Once the old drain and quick connect was off I installed the new drain and quick connect. Follow the instructions do you get a good seal and no leaks.

Next before I installed the unit to the new quick connect ring I had to do some electrical work. Since my old unit was wired directly and my new unit had a power cord I have to do one of two things. One I could unwire the power cord on the new unit and attached the original wiring to the new unit or the way I went was I installed a plug socket under the sink.


I gather the materials need, socket, electrical box, screws. I took the electrical box and mounted it to the back of the sick under the counter. Then I pulled the wiring into the box. Wired the socket and installed the socket to the box. Now the old wiring is connected to the new socket.

When the socket was installed when I installed the unit onto the quick connect. If you have a dishwasher then make sure you punch out the hole on the unit to attach the line from the dishwasher to the unit. I then attached the dishwasher hose to the unit. Then I reinstalled my plumbing. on my set up I needed to cut one of my straight pipes down a couple of inches for my pipes to line up and work correctly other than that all went as planned.


Once unit installed and all piping installed I plugged the unit into the new socket that I installed. Next I turn UN the breaker to the new socket that was the old unit wiring.

Turned on the water and flipped the switch. The new unit purred and no leaks. All working and all this done within 45 min.

Now we will see how long this new unit lasts.