rain rain go away

skull well hell, why is it when i plan on taking a vacation the weather decides to get nasty? is it a message form the big man in the sky or what. i was planning on taking st rt 52 east and just go east at least until i hit the blue ridge parkway. but i have been watching the weather a little and good ole hurricane earl decides to stop by around the same time ill be out east. and make the weather nasty. hhmm maybe ill take rt 52 and go west and see where i end up . hhhmmmm.

Hello anybody there??

OK its not like I’m desperate or something but where are all the single ladies??  OK maybe i am but WTF i need to do something. so calling all friends, enemies, friends of enemies. contact your single friends, enemies, friends of enemies, enemies of friends and hook me up. i am charming funny and yadadada. you already know me and if you don’t just ask a friend who dose. ok so to recap this pathetic blog somebody hook me up. oh ya one very important thing . i am straight so just hook me up with a lady please.  thanks. and you can get back to work now.  hehehhehe.