Pics from EVO

skull I was at a local store which sits next to a cement gravel company. the tend to have there lime and other resources railed in by rail cares. and when i was there i took these pics with my EVO. these pics turn out really good. for the most part the EVO boasts a 8 meg camera. and it takes really nice pics. my old Canon Digital Rebel (first digital ever made) was only 6.5 meg. the EVO produces some really sweet pics. i was looking into a small all around camera fro fast shots when i don’t have my Canon T2i with me. and i think that this EVO will be just as good as the small point and shoots. i get some more pics and compare them in a future blog.

IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045

EVO’s Back

EVO's Back

well i wrote awhile back about my EVO turning into a brick. i thought i posted an update when i got it back but i guess not. or i just screwed something up again while i have been updating my WP. well i got a new one 24 hrs later . they had to overnight it for they had non in stock. as i was standing waiting for everything to be done i noticed i wasn’t the only one with a brick. i always say if you gotta have the first of everything expect to be the first to break down. well the new one works great. the newest update dose not brick the phone and works great. i love this phone. i have a couple of games and i have been completely addicted to them. the video is great and i have it sync. to my ford explorer. the sync for my ford and the EVO is really cool. i never had done the hands free cell before. i love when the phone rings the car stereo turns the volume to the phone. so i can answer the phone and hear everything. last time with out syncing my phone will ring and if i had the stereo cranked up i would miss the call. no more missed calls now(unless i want to hehehe:) cant wait for the android 2.2 to come out. part of the up date gave the EVO network wireless n capabilities. this is great i was driving while a program was downloading and when i came to a stop i was in front of a free WiFi area. my phone automatically switched to that WiFi, logged on and continued to download at a faster rate. cool…. well have to go. if any body wants to advertise for free for this year send me an email for 125×125 rotating spots or 160×600 spots. free for the rest of 2010.

EVO died

EVO died

Well two days ago my EVO ask to do update abdicate course I said yes. It took about ten minutes and came back on then a minute later it asked again for an update. Well after that I died. No power I’d life what’s so ever . I even kissed it thinking I cam wake it from the dreaded sleep it went into. Bit no it was truly dead. I took it up to Sprint and after a half n hour they said it was toasted that they would overnight for me. This is scary for i as stood there, at  least three other evo users also had dead phones. Man I hope its nothing big for I really like this phone. Can’t wait for the 2.2 Android software to come out. Other than that don’t download the new update and you should have no problems

EVO wow

EVO wow

 Been a while since I blogged anything so what’s up? I had to go get my brothers phone fixed and I just happen to be on the day that I was on vacation and the same day that sprint released the new HTC EVO phone. Oh well I decided to get one. Love it. Easy to use and very nice smart phone.

IMG_0267Here is a pic of the phone along with the palm pre. It’s longer and wider but that ok since its all touch and a very big and colorful screen. Beautiful colors and it looks real good on pics and HD vids. Love the  keyboard. I have already written a blog with a word press widget. It was very smooth and easy. It also takes very nice pictures with the 8mag camera. Hell this camera has more megapixels then my old rebel 300d dslr camera. Lots of apps even most of them are just a waste of money and time. The phone is even very cool. I hooked it up to my sync in my truck and it works great. Loud ring tones, speaker is good. Battery is so-so. I charge mine at night and when ever I’m in my truck I have it charging so I have not had it go down yet. Could be better. I heard rumors that they will be coming out with a wireless charging like the palm has the touchstone. HTC is to have one. That would be great. here are some other pics of the phone.