the Last Airbender

skulljust watched the Last Airbender Avatar on TV last night. wasn’t to impressed. a couple of weeks ago I just finished the avatar anime series and I really liked that. the live action movie was missing a lot. when ever there was a lot of fighting with the fire nation there was very little fire fighting going on. they could have put in more visual fires into the scenes but it was just non-existent. the whole movie seemed empty. the avatar himself was just not up to par with the anime. in the anime the avatar always kept joking around and would always ride his air ball. not once did he ride his air ball in the movie. it looks like they tried to cram to much of the anime into a to little time span. I would be better to make a live TV-mini series then a full movie. ill give the movie itself a 6 out of 10 but the anime is still one of my favorites it gets a 9+.

I like what I hear

A couple of new bands I just came across turn out to be really good. The first band is the twin sisters the Veronicas. They have some real cool songs with catchy tune. The other one is a Christian rock band called fireflight. both bands just jam. i have been hooked on both of them and listining to all of their songs for weeks now. check out the vids i loaded on the right side and see what you think of.

Funny shit

watching bean on BBC right now. what a hoot. i have his complete series of Mr. bean and its one of the best comedies i have ever seen. also on top of my list is Yellow beard. a spin off of Blackbeard. this movie was actually a monty python movie with cheech and chong. go watch it its great. also go check out space pirates. if you like space balls you’ll love space pirates.

New and Improved

Hello again. i just updated the site. what do you think of it so far? now i need to just write a lot more. still have some tweaks to do like get the feature thing to work. sp far i have not found out how to do that. if  i can’t fiqure it out i’ll just delete it and put up a gallery or somethnig in it’s place. i have also updated the gallery with some new pics i just took. ley me know what you think.