Another one bytes the dust

Well here we are again. On this lovely day in November. It is a sad week for I have lost another fish this week. My Naso Tang was found dead. Wwwaaaaa.  I am also missing my Royal Goby, a Yellow Tang, and two Yellow Damsels. One of the Damsels was missing for a real long time and then one day I saw him I thought he died years ago for he was in a fight and had no rear tale but I saw him and now haven’t seen him in a year so I assume he’s dead. All the others just started to die. My damn heater is on the blink and my water was 85 and should be no higher than 82 then it dropped to 75. I think that’s what triggered everything and when one died then my ammonia levels started to climb and with the heat being adjusted and water changes to correct the ammonia the others just followed and started to follow the leader. My blue yellow fin damsels seem to be fine I had them from the start about 5 years now. Also my Firehawk which is about a year old seems to be thriving pretty well. I went out and bought a top heater to use and also added a jet motor to produce more currents to keep the aquarium moving so I don’t get any stagnant areas that might cause problems well I guess well’ find out how everything works out soon.