How to Register a Domain Name

hey this just came up and I just spent some to creating this instructions on how to get a domain name. you can go to many different domain providers and the basic domain name registrations is just that a name registration. so a $9.00 domain name from to a $150.00 domain name from so over expensive provider is no difference. just the price. some might combine a hosting site or other special bullshit but never over pay for a basic domain name registration. as for now I made a quick and easy instruction using me personally I use domain. the steps are the same it’s just I had to do this one for somebody thru her we go.


Go to a domain provider and enter domain name that you are looking for. For work we use and for my personal I use Registering a domain is about the same from any domain provider and only the prices will vary. So if we use you then will do as follows.

· Go to

· For single domain just type it in the box provided but for multiple domains click the link under the search box labeled ‘Bulk Search’


· Using bulk search type a domain name one per line in the box provided and then hit go

· It will tell you the available names and you can check which ones you want to buy and register

· clip_image009

· Click proceed to check out when ready

· Next page just hit continue or if interested check mark the items of interest and it will be added to checkout.

· Review and check out. Next page is where you (new customer) sign up now and follow instructions. Create account and finish. Crating an account will let you control and manage all your purchases thru and allows you to get free webhosting thru them.


so that’s the basics.  hhmmm my arrows didn’t transfer right … oh well you get the idea..


wow I can’t believe its been this long since I have posted anything. time is just flying by.  with school and work my days just zip by and by the time I think about blogging or any kind of update months have passed by. so lets see what I can rant about.  I have just bought me a nas devices along with 4 3tb drives to hook up to my network so I can have backup without having to turn on a pc or to have an os screw up my drives. I have it in raid 5 config. mst of the time I don’t like to have raid for I always wanted the most space I can get and in this device I have 12tb of space. I set it up for a raid 5 and now I only have 8tb of space but if one drive goes out I just pull it out and replace with new drive and then everything keeps going. this way I have a backup of a backup. again time is short so I leave it as is.

update 3-7-2012

Well well here we are again. Been awhile since I have blogged anything. I have some posts to catch up on . Bought some new train stuff and have been working on my train. Spent way to much on it but what the heck. I also decided to bite the bullet and bought me some top gaming keyboard and mouse. I ended up getting the Logitech G19 keyboard and the G700 mouse. Like the mouse but just getting use to the keyboard. not sure if the keyboard is worth $150 bucks. Will try to get some updated posts up soon ..

It works hahaha

It works hahaha

 well I have just set up my word 2010 to use as a blogging editor. And so far it is working pretty good. I was using an gif avator from the site to create my skull pic but cant seem to make it work from word. Don’t see an area for post avatars or anything to create tags. So far I just load the skull pic into the blog and it looks the same just don’t rotate.

EVO died

EVO died

Well two days ago my EVO ask to do update abdicate course I said yes. It took about ten minutes and came back on then a minute later it asked again for an update. Well after that I died. No power I’d life what’s so ever . I even kissed it thinking I cam wake it from the dreaded sleep it went into. Bit no it was truly dead. I took it up to Sprint and after a half n hour they said it was toasted that they would overnight for me. This is scary for i as stood there, at  least three other evo users also had dead phones. Man I hope its nothing big for I really like this phone. Can’t wait for the 2.2 Android software to come out. Other than that don’t download the new update and you should have no problems