wow I can’t believe its been this long since I have posted anything. time is just flying by.  with school and work my days just zip by and by the time I think about blogging or any kind of update months have passed by. so lets see what I can rant about.  I have just bought me a nas devices along with 4 3tb drives to hook up to my network so I can have backup without having to turn on a pc or to have an os screw up my drives. I have it in raid 5 config. mst of the time I don’t like to have raid for I always wanted the most space I can get and in this device I have 12tb of space. I set it up for a raid 5 and now I only have 8tb of space but if one drive goes out I just pull it out and replace with new drive and then everything keeps going. this way I have a backup of a backup. again time is short so I leave it as is.