Fuckin Spyware

Why oh why does it happen to me?? I was recently hit by spyware. The spyware was some kind of worm that took my drives and changed them so you can’t access them. It’s something like autorun a and every time you click the drive it spreads and files disappear. This sucks. Ended up redoing my server. Saved most of my files.  Had to use a program called dr web. To fix it. Then ran 3 other programs to fix the system. Then I still was missing my videos .avi files. I came across a program call get back data. This set me back fifty bucks but it’s the best file recovery I have ever used. Most of the time I just find freeware and use but this program was so good I bought it. Works great. Also use superantispyware. Another great program.  What’s the sense in writing this fuckin spyshit?  If you want to steal something I understand. But just to bug the shit out of everybody sucks. I still think of the conspiracy that people create new viruses and spyware just so you have to buy the programs to fix the fuckups. Oh well at least I can fix this shit myself.