Tick Tock

time is running down. I’ll be heading off to Maine for my 2 week vacation. leaving my dogs in care of my brother at home.  I plan on heading east to Shenandoah national park for the first half of week one. then ill be heading to Portland Maine for the rest of the week. from their ill head up to Dexter Maine and go through the Baxter state park for some moose hunting photography. and then the finale week ill be staying in the Acadia national park and doing some more photography with canon’s photography workshops.  along the way ill hope to find some old churches, cemetery’s, also do some kayaking. ill be reporting back and blog my trip with some info on where to stay as of right now I have two places that I will be staying but I am winging it for most of the trip. stay tuned for more updates.

Focus upgrades 1..

I have done some more upgrades on the car. I have added the side vents and also added a front bug defector. before they installed the bug defector they went ahead and gave me a clear coat protection on the front end to make it easier to clean the bugs and road debris of the front end. I was looking into the clear front end cover from 3m but it’s a little pricy for me. I also had a friend tint my windows . SWEET!!!  check out the pics below..

Thule Roof Rack

just got my Thule roof rack and kayak adapter a couple of days ago and installed them. first off is that the instructions are ok but the tape measure they give you is use less. first it’s about 10-15 inches to short to use for my set up. so what i did is put it together with out locking it down and put it on the roof. then i made my adjustments and then locked it down when i had it set up. the front went real fast and easy bit the rears where a pain in the ass to set up. after fighting the rears set up i finally get it to attached where it is to be at and got it to lock down. once installed and located in the correct positions then it was easy to uninstall and reinstall.  since this is my first time i had to install a roof rack, (owned an explorer that had a factory built rack), i thought it went pretty easy. i wanted a rack that i could take off when not in use and so far Thule is the way to go. i had mine put into my deal so i had Thule since they are the ones that supply Fords accessories.  now off to the races and time to get my kayak and try out my new rack systems.

Rio Adventure cot review

been looking for a nice cot that I don’t have to spend and arm and a leg for and came across this one by Rio Adventure.  it’s a aluminum body and canvass cot that is set up as a one peace deal. check out the pic’s. what’s nice is it folds up and comes with a carrying case. you un fold the legs and on the ends you put the loops around the ends and spread it open. doing this the loops stretch the ends so that it does not have any end poles to get in your way. then when its open you click the locking tabs down to lock the cot in place. this cot is very comfortable and big enough for me to roll and not worry about falling off. for only $50 bucks it’s well worth it. I’ll be using it later this year when I take my trip to main. now I have to see if my little pup tent is big enough for it. if not I’ll just up grade my tent for I get tired slipping on the ground all the time. so for this review ill give it  a thumbs up !!


2012 Focus Hatchback

I just received my new 2012 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback last Friday and have been running around town in it lately here are some pics.

check the pics out.sweet. I got the yellow blaze metallic color. it will shift different yellows in the light because of the metallic in the paint. sweet.  love driving it. here are some things about it


  • spunky and fast
  • fun to drive
  • keyless locks and ignition. keep fob in pocket walk up to the locked door touch the handle and it will unlock, then sit inside put foot on break and push start button and zoom your off.
  • have heated leather seats
  • auto headlights
  • auto wipers, yes auto just have them on and when it rains the sensor on windshield detects the rain and the wipers will automatically turn on, sweet
  • I have the 5 door hatch. put down the back seats and my two dogs fit in the back no problem. they are viszlas and about 80 lbs. dogs but they have room to roam in.
  • heated side mirrors, auto dimmer rearview mirror
  • have full my sync navigation system
  • Sony 10 speaker ultimate stereo system
  • gas mileage is twice a better than my truck.



  • front seat bottoms could be a little bigger. I’m not a big guy but I kind of slouch when I sit and I need to get use to the smaller seats
  • have locked up my navigation system 3 times in one day
  • navigation is not that all wonderful my little Garmin is a lot easier to set up destinations and poi then the fords system. of course I was to get booklet on navigation but I don’t have one yet will get one Monday to see about programing the nav system, read a couple of articles online and what I found so far is that you can’t program the nav system from outside source. boo, I can set up my Garmin on my pc then transfer the settings over to the unit with no hassle hope to be able to that with my ford nav.
  • since I have automatic transmission you get a slight delay when driving. this is due to the trans being an electronic trans and it has to calculate which gear to be in for the best gas mileage.
  • even though I get twice the gas mileage of 30+ mpg on my new car vs. 16 mpg on my old explorer. I still get about the same distance with a full tank. this is so because my car has a 12 gallon tank but my old suv had a 22 gallon tank. but in the long run I get the same distance but half the price
  • when switch from radio to nav to phone or from station to station there is pauses that they sync system has. for a system that is pretty well advanced it seems to be on the slow side like they need to boost the memory on the system or use bigger cpu’s.

overall so far I really like the car. I can get adjusted to the smaller seats but the only compliant would be the sync system with navigation. they still need to make some better tweaks in the software for it to run better. I am also having a hitch put on it to carry my bike rack and I thought that now I need to get a little utility trailer. since I don’t have a truck any more I would need something to carry my wood, drywall, big odds and ends that wont fit into the smaller car now. I also am having a roof rack for the same reason put on. on the roof rack I am having the kayak adapter installed for within next month I will be buying a kayak for this summer. another hobby I am trying to get into. spend about $1000 on new equipment and hopefully will save me on thousands for having something cheap to do for the summer. more n the kayak when I get it.

This week on WTF

so we all heard about the woman who had her face ripped off by her neighbors chimp. she had the first face transplant and now she wants to sue the government for allowing a wild animal to be in a private home. WTF!  this women is crazy and just wants money for her mistakes. she knew the chimp was wild and dangerous for she has told many others about it but yet she got in the way as to “help” and instead became a victim of her own stupid mistakes. to bad the chimp don’t just rip her head off and then we the tax payers would not have to worry about supporting her sorry ass.

Update 4-17-12

here i am again trying to post an update on the site but with little on hand to make a decent post. i have been on vaca last week and have accomplished absolutely nothing at all. i haven’t even worked on my train set. i did make it to a photo shoot. we met at the Ault park in cincy at night and tried to take some moon shots.  i didn’t do to well but the others had some assume shots.  one had a very beautiful shot of the Pavillion and just looking at her pic tells me that i need to learn more on how to compose my shots. my look drab and hers are just eye-popping. school starts up again Wednesday so ill have little time until i see how hard my classes are. was thinking i need to find a new fast prime lens but then i thought that i need to find more learning tools on composing. it’s not always the equipment that you have that makes a picture but the way you see it and how you capture the scene that makes the shot.

update 3-7-2012

Well well here we are again. Been awhile since I have blogged anything. I have some posts to catch up on . Bought some new train stuff and have been working on my train. Spent way to much on it but what the heck. I also decided to bite the bullet and bought me some top gaming keyboard and mouse. I ended up getting the Logitech G19 keyboard and the G700 mouse. Like the mouse but just getting use to the keyboard. not sure if the keyboard is worth $150 bucks. Will try to get some updated posts up soon ..

Train set up 2.0

Here we are again just chatting along. I just started to get back into my model trains and like always I tend to overspend. This time was not as bad as last year but I still need to budget my self. I bought a new engine by Kato a
GE ES44AC BNSF as picture below
IMAG0336.jpg (800x478 pixels)
This new engine will be running along my others a Kato GE AC4400CW Union Pacific  and a Kato EMD SD90/43MAC Union Pacific
IMAG0335.jpg (800x478 pixels)IMAG0340.jpg (800x478 pixels)
I also bought a maxi well cars from Walthers (sorry no pics yet).
I have built what I am calling stage one setup. I have built the table up on the sides of a room in the house and have it suspended from the wall and ceiling. The reason is I wanted to store stuff under it and still be able to work on the train. After many days building I decided to make it stage one and built another table 21 inches below it on the right side og the u-table. This lower table matches the table I have in the room that houses all my pc stuff and as right now it is used as my building table. I plan on attaching this lower table with a helix track to the top. The whole set up is a giant u shape set up. After thinking that I wanted more space (don’t everybody). I decide when the times right I will build another table on the left side that will hang 10-11 inches from top and another that will be 21 inches from top that will match the other side so I will have like a three-tier table set up when all is set up and running. I’ll have the top as the main line and some industries and the very bottom as my yard and half as my intermodal set up. While the middle will be more or less the prairie lands etc. Of course this can change at any time . More to come …