office/library update

well I have finished painting and installed my desk. but ran out of money to add the bookshelf’s. I want to make the one wall a built in bookshelf and have all my books and magazines that I have in them. I also have to install the floor. as for nowFile0093 I think I will paint the concrete a different color then when I have money and time I will put some plank flooring down. hmmm I just might put carpet if I can get it for the right price. here are some pics of the project ahhh dang my pics are on another pc. ill dig them up and add them later..OK here I am with some pics the first is when I had the whole basement open and had my pool table. since I have not played pool in many years I sold it and decided to make my office instead. this pic is also after I just installed my new drop ceiling and was showing off it off. the next pic is from about the same position but with the IMG_3131new walls and new hidden door installed. I have added my desks and finished painting the walls but I ran dry on cash and have to wait to get my floor done. I also added some pics of my desk and work bench and of the painted walls. I used counter tops and bought the legs from ikea. I have used counter tops for other desk in my house, they work great.



IMAG0266IMAG0259IMAG0260IMAG0261IMAG0262IMAG0263to officeto entertainment rooom

Basement Makeover

well hello. it’s been awhile since I last blogged something. so as the title of this session states is that since I sold my pool table I have decided to divide my basement into more rooms. the first is that I put up a wall between my media/TV room and then created another office/library room.  since I have used my old computer room as my train room I decided that I needed another room to do most of my pc repairs and also thought that in this room I can make most of the walls with built in bookcases. hence the reason I was naming it more of a library then an pc room. here are some pics of the room in the first couple of modifications. since I already had my drop down ceiling installed I really did not want to tear it down and redo the while ceiling so I had 3 main beams extend thru the ceiling and mount to the main rafters but all the rest of the 2×4 would attached to a top board screwed between the main supports.  only thing I would need to do is to place a crown molding at top of the wall to hide the end of drywall that stops at the ceiling. this will make it have a nice looking line.

so far I have finished with the framing and also finished with the drywall. I have a couple of patches to finish and sand then the drywall will be finished. while I am waiting on a couple of spots to dry I started to trim the walls with primer. while I wait for that to dry I’ll have to finished the worst part.. cleaning up my mess. cleaning is one of the worst things I hate to do when I start my projects. but after I get it all cleaned up and I feel more satisfaction of completing my project.  next thing I will be doing is building my desk.  I plan on using counter tops for my desks. this is a cheap and very affordable way to have big hardy desks.  the fist desk will be on the back wall and I have some cabinets that would be the base of the desk. this desk would be 36” high and I will have some shelving between the cabinets under the desk. I also plan on building book shelves about the desk also. this desk will be around 10’ long. plenty of room to have as a work station to do all my pc repairs that I do for friends. from there there would be another 6’ table that stretches to the right of the 13’ . this desktop will be 30’” high and at the end have another 90* right angle 6’desk that will come out 6’ from the wall and be my main desk. the rest of the room will be bookshelves to hold my books and magazines.  I will post more pics as I finish the room.


Well here I am sitting in the parking lot of IKEA waiting for the store to open. I thought I jot something down since its been awhile since my last post.  I am in the middle of building a room in the basement and I just recently remembered to take some picture between the steps of building the room. I tend to get into the zone and build then forget to take pictures t
o explain what is am doing. So ill be posting a piece on that room or what I like it to be is a library here soon. Also ill be posting some reviews and some pics of my new Barbie doll that I just received. I have a lot of ideas to write about but I tend to get in the lazy side and then never do it. Whew stores open time to go.


wow I can’t believe its been this long since I have posted anything. time is just flying by.  with school and work my days just zip by and by the time I think about blogging or any kind of update months have passed by. so lets see what I can rant about.  I have just bought me a nas devices along with 4 3tb drives to hook up to my network so I can have backup without having to turn on a pc or to have an os screw up my drives. I have it in raid 5 config. mst of the time I don’t like to have raid for I always wanted the most space I can get and in this device I have 12tb of space. I set it up for a raid 5 and now I only have 8tb of space but if one drive goes out I just pull it out and replace with new drive and then everything keeps going. this way I have a backup of a backup. again time is short so I leave it as is.

Trains and more Trains

well it’s been awhile and here is the current update. I have been messing around with my trains again and have completely wiped out the old layout and started brand new.

I now have my tables 3×10, 4×8.5, 3×12, 4×8.5  set up in more or less a rectangle and all are used as an upper deck. for half of the tables are above my work desk and computer system. I will have a lower section more or less a yard under the 3×10, and 3×12.

also bought the digitrax super chief dcs100 so I can run more engines then 10, since I keep getting more and more engines. here are some pics of the new setup

Final week 9-12

well its been two weeks since I got back from my trip and I still have not had the time to finish my trip blog. I had to a lot of fixes to catch up on at work and the new semester at school just started. so I had to get caught up before I could update my blog but here I am trying to finish this section so where did I leave off? I think I was at the point of writing about Acadia National park. I  reserved my spot 2 months in advanced and I’m glad I did. the park was full every day I was there. so where do I start off.  I arrived 2 hr before I was allowed to set up, the arrival time is noon and I got there at around 10-is so I had time to waste. the park has a scenic drive that loops around the whole park that is mainly one way traffic so if you see something you just stop in the right hand lane and park, get out and do whatever. they have so many trail heads that they don’t post signs to most of them. of course if you bought a hacking book then you would get the information on where every trail head is.

sorry got held up at work and had to get some stuff done. ok so I finally got to my campsite and set up camp. sites are nice and have a lot of trees for shelter. only thing I did not like was there was no showers in the rest rooms. they did have a place outside of the campsite that had showers but it you had to pay for showers. just another way of getting money. while I was there I explored Acadia and also the small cities around it. I went to Bar Harbor, North and South Harbor and other small towns on the island. I spent the next four days taking pictures and exploring the island and found many beautiful places. from the ocean to the mountains to the marshes all within miles of each other. here are some pics I took the rest can be found on photo for more.

Day 5-8 Dexter update


ok so on days 5-8 I stayed in a B&B called the Brewster Inn. this was the old house that a former mayor of Maine used to live in. It is a nice sweet house that has eleven rooms. this is nice and everybody was very friendly but my problem with this is that I feel out-of-place since it seems like I was in someone’s house all the time. was a different experience for me since I’m I bit more of a private person I feel out-of-place. the room I had was very cozy. it as the smallest room of the house but also the cheapest. did I mentioned that I am a cheap scape and tend not to spend anything unless I really need to?

now staying in Dexter is like a home-based. from here I went to Bangor and up to Baxter state park. the first day I just drove around and took pictures. I ended up booking a moose tour. my tour guide Ed was very knowledgeable about the area and about moose’s. I turns out that my vaca is again in-between things. tends to be when the moose’s are way up in the mountains and in another 2-3 weeks is the beginning of the rut (mating) season. go figure I to early for the fall leaves to change but to late for everything else. but the weather is very very nice. I rained in the night once and since I’m not camping until next week this is working out nice. so on the moose tour we drove in a jeep on all these logging roads and caught a glimpse of a couple but no good photo shoots. we even went to two ponds that were gorgeous. we left 4 in the morning and with the sun coming up the ponds/lakes and the mountains were out of this world. we finally saw a moose across a lake but my shoots are so far away I’m not sure I can enlarge them enough to make them any good. so it seem the my moose tour was a bust. I started the next day to head up to Baxter state park but two thing s came up. first halfway there (2 hr. drive) I forgot my cash and had no money to get in and from what I was told it was still a fifty-fifty shot at seeing anything and it would cast me another twenty bucks. so do I turn around or even find a atm (pay extra charges) to go in our turn around and do something else.I decided to turn around and just explore the land. I found many lakes and ponds that had some wonderful sights. just not any moose in them. the next day I drove to Bangor that is also 2 hr. away but again it was a nice small town for tourist and nothing else. I did stop by Stephen kings house and took some pictures then I went to hope cemetery and took some pictures. hope cemetery was the basis of Stephen kings pet seminary novel. was pretty cool walking in the cemetery. but for me so far the best cemetery that I have been to that is also a garden (forgot the word that they use) would be Spring Grove Cemetery in Ohio. I also ended down in Fort Knox and toured the old fort. historians would like this and it was neat to see but once is good enough for me. I also took a scenic ride on the downtown train that was located in Ellsworth. it just so happens on Saturday I was driving thru and the train caught my eye so I stopped by and took a ride on it. the ride was cool. was riding on some 1930 carriage car’s and they were pulling it with a 1952 EMD diesel engine. not sure which but ill post some pictures later of it. this trip ran thru some marshes that had some wild animals in it and we passed by some high electrical lines and on top of the very high poles were eagles nest. we saw at least four nests and they had babies in them. at the end of the line they stop at a bridge that was out of commission. the bridge caught fire years ago and they never rebuilt it. it was one of the swivel pivot bridges that when sea traffic needed to pass it would turn on a pedestal and swing open to let the ships go through. since it was out of commission the just leave it open. here are some pic’s from this section of the trip.


well ill write the next post of Acadia and beyond

Day 3–4 Portland

well after 600 miles I arrived in Portland Maine. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do since I have four days before I need to be in Dexter. my first choice of hotel was filled and I also found out that the special price don’t’ go into effect until September after the summer season. I’m right on the edge of the summer season so things are a little high. I found a coupon book for hotels and found a travel lodge for about half off with coupon that is just 2 mile north of downtown Portland. best decision I made. I have a Denny’s right next door for food. after talking to management I got the next four nights for the same price as my coupon which saved me a bundle. on day 4 I went downtown Portland. the roads suck. they are hardly marked so you have no idea if your in your lane. the streets are short and the intersections just appear from anywhere so driving is a pain. other than that so far so so good. I took a cruise ship that went around the bay and they took you to 4 different lighthouses and also gave you a history of the area. that was nice I plan on taking the land cruise in the morning to get a tour of the land. here’s a couple of pics that I took so far.


Day 2 update

ok so I still have not upload anything yet I made my first post from m phone to evernote and will transfer that first and when I get to a wifi site ill upload this. so what did day two have in stored for me. I woke up 4 am and had to pee. then I look up in the sky and say a meteorite fly by. like zipp. so I went down to the amphitheater to see if I can get a better view. the stars were amazing but I did not see anything else. bummer. I went back to bed. woke back up around 7am had a breakfast snack and then hit the road for some exploring. I stopped at Doyle’s falls parking lot at mile marker 81 to check out haw bad it would be to hike. see I’m not just out if shape but way out of shape. I stop at the entrance and read the sign and it read that the falls are about 2.5 miles round trip and about 2.5 hrs. to make the trip. hhmm 2.5 hrs. don’t seem long so I went back to my car and changed into my hiking shoes. I started down the trail. this is no easy trail. mostly rocks and very un even and the first grade was at least 8-9% downgrade. you were hiking down the freekin mountain. a quarter of the way I stopped and ask myself do I want to do this?? of course my ego said we can do anything we want as long as we just try. stupid ego. that was a hike. getting down to the falls wasn’t that bad. I even went another 0.3 to the lower falls. yes they are beautiful and I took some great pictures. but was it worth it?? do it once and I know not to go again. so after the falls I started back up the hill. 4.5 hrs. yes I said 4.5hrs later I finally made it back to the parking lot. an hour down and about 3.5 hrs. and 30 breaks to catch my breath I made it. my legs and back hurt lake a mother #$%^. I took some Advil and some other meds and went back to campsite and went back to sleep. that hike killed me. I need to build up my stamina for it’s all gone right now. after I got up around 1-2 pm I got in the car and drove the rest of the skyline parkway. nice views and very pretty sites but after 2-3 of the pull overs your still looking at the same damn mountains. I finished that and came back to camp to finish my day two report. here’s some pic’s so far.

Day 1 Shenandoah

Took a detour off the highway for launch and 5miles later came to old st rt35 . Found a hydro dam that was built in 1937. Took some pictures after I ate and headed back up to highway. then I arrived at Shenandoah National park. got a nice little camp site and more or less just went to bed. long drive not much to say about it.