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so we all heard about the woman who had her face ripped off by her neighbors chimp. she had the first face transplant and now she wants to sue the government for allowing a wild animal to be in a private home. WTF!  this women is crazy and just wants money for her mistakes. she knew the chimp was wild and dangerous for she has told many others about it but yet she got in the way as to “help” and instead became a victim of her own stupid mistakes. to bad the chimp don’t just rip her head off and then we the tax payers would not have to worry about supporting her sorry ass.

WTF! first post

WTF! first post

welcome to WTF!. what dose WTF! stand for and what is this section about?  Well WTF! I’ll tell ya. WTF! stands for What The Fuck! and anything that is posted in here are thoughts and things about the world, religion, stupid people, stupid sayings and so forth. so as a warning anything posted under WTF! could and most probably have foul language, articles that people don’t like and stuff that i might just think that are stupid. so if you don’t like that kind of stuff don’t read !!!!


so lets start off with some oldies but goodies just to test the waters. here goes

why do they park in a driveway and drive on a parkway ?   WTF!

why is it that the slowest driver on the expressway is always in the fast lane? WTF!

why do they sell 10 hotdogs but only 8 buns in a pack ? WTF!

well that is just the start of it. i would like to get more into the things that i rabble about with others that just don’t make sense. you know i think ill go get 8 kids and have the government bail me out so i get my rent paid this month. hhhmmm WTF!