Focus upgrades 1..

I have done some more upgrades on the car. I have added the side vents and also added a front bug defector. before they installed the bug defector they went ahead and gave me a clear coat protection on the front end to make it easier to clean the bugs and road debris of the front end. I was looking into the clear front end cover from 3m but it’s a little pricy for me. I also had a friend tint my windows . SWEET!!!  check out the pics below..

Thule Roof Rack

just got my Thule roof rack and kayak adapter a couple of days ago and installed them. first off is that the instructions are ok but the tape measure they give you is use less. first it’s about 10-15 inches to short to use for my set up. so what i did is put it together with out locking it down and put it on the roof. then i made my adjustments and then locked it down when i had it set up. the front went real fast and easy bit the rears where a pain in the ass to set up. after fighting the rears set up i finally get it to attached where it is to be at and got it to lock down. once installed and located in the correct positions then it was easy to uninstall and reinstall.  since this is my first time i had to install a roof rack, (owned an explorer that had a factory built rack), i thought it went pretty easy. i wanted a rack that i could take off when not in use and so far Thule is the way to go. i had mine put into my deal so i had Thule since they are the ones that supply Fords accessories.  now off to the races and time to get my kayak and try out my new rack systems.

Rio Adventure cot review

been looking for a nice cot that I don’t have to spend and arm and a leg for and came across this one by Rio Adventure.  it’s a aluminum body and canvass cot that is set up as a one peace deal. check out the pic’s. what’s nice is it folds up and comes with a carrying case. you un fold the legs and on the ends you put the loops around the ends and spread it open. doing this the loops stretch the ends so that it does not have any end poles to get in your way. then when its open you click the locking tabs down to lock the cot in place. this cot is very comfortable and big enough for me to roll and not worry about falling off. for only $50 bucks it’s well worth it. I’ll be using it later this year when I take my trip to main. now I have to see if my little pup tent is big enough for it. if not I’ll just up grade my tent for I get tired slipping on the ground all the time. so for this review ill give it  a thumbs up !!


EVO wow

EVO wow

 Been a while since I blogged anything so what’s up? I had to go get my brothers phone fixed and I just happen to be on the day that I was on vacation and the same day that sprint released the new HTC EVO phone. Oh well I decided to get one. Love it. Easy to use and very nice smart phone.

IMG_0267Here is a pic of the phone along with the palm pre. It’s longer and wider but that ok since its all touch and a very big and colorful screen. Beautiful colors and it looks real good on pics and HD vids. Love the  keyboard. I have already written a blog with a word press widget. It was very smooth and easy. It also takes very nice pictures with the 8mag camera. Hell this camera has more megapixels then my old rebel 300d dslr camera. Lots of apps even most of them are just a waste of money and time. The phone is even very cool. I hooked it up to my sync in my truck and it works great. Loud ring tones, speaker is good. Battery is so-so. I charge mine at night and when ever I’m in my truck I have it charging so I have not had it go down yet. Could be better. I heard rumors that they will be coming out with a wireless charging like the palm has the touchstone. HTC is to have one. That would be great. here are some other pics of the phone.


Repost of LG Rumor Review

Repost of LG Rumor Review

Yep like the title says i’m going to attempt to review my new phone. i have never before done this so bare with me. 

lets start off with is that i have here a Lg rumor that i use.     nice phone. it has a 1.3 mag camera, mp3 player, bluetooth. and full qwerty keyboard for texting. screen is nice and clean but downloads are slow and not a good phone for surfing the web. i have used it for email but if you just get a lot of junk then the email is a waist of time. i had samefriends send me some picture emails and never could get the pics to show.

The mp3 player works great and  ilike how easy it is to set up the songs on your mico sd cards and it plays them sweet. as for picture quality its soso. i have seen a lot better. as for texting. the qwerty slide out key board is great! since i’m not much aof a texter the old way of picking out 3 different letters from one key just makes me so slow that the other texter would have 6 messages to be before i finish one. with the key board at least i can knock that down to 2 to 1 ratio. heheheh.

so here are the Pros and Cons for Me


  • easy to use qwerty keyboard
  • ok camera (first phone with cam that i owned)
  • good loud MP3 player
  • no droped calls (so far)
  • battery has nice life time


  • can’t make own ringtones from sd cards
  • needed to be on higher end internet standards to receive sprint TV( not worth it anyway)
  • camera needs zoom and could use higher mag pixel

so final thoughts of this phone is that i like it. if i didn’t i wopuld have takin it back as soon as i could. stay tuned for reveiw on Samsung m520 phone