Trains and more Trains

well it’s been awhile and here is the current update. I have been messing around with my trains again and have completely wiped out the old layout and started brand new.

I now have my tables 3×10, 4×8.5, 3×12, 4×8.5  set up in more or less a rectangle and all are used as an upper deck. for half of the tables are above my work desk and computer system. I will have a lower section more or less a yard under the 3×10, and 3×12.

also bought the digitrax super chief dcs100 so I can run more engines then 10, since I keep getting more and more engines. here are some pics of the new setup

Train set up 2.0

Here we are again just chatting along. I just started to get back into my model trains and like always I tend to overspend. This time was not as bad as last year but I still need to budget my self. I bought a new engine by Kato a
GE ES44AC BNSF as picture below
IMAG0336.jpg (800x478 pixels)
This new engine will be running along my others a Kato GE AC4400CW Union Pacific  and a Kato EMD SD90/43MAC Union Pacific
IMAG0335.jpg (800x478 pixels)IMAG0340.jpg (800x478 pixels)
I also bought a maxi well cars from Walthers (sorry no pics yet).
I have built what I am calling stage one setup. I have built the table up on the sides of a room in the house and have it suspended from the wall and ceiling. The reason is I wanted to store stuff under it and still be able to work on the train. After many days building I decided to make it stage one and built another table 21 inches below it on the right side og the u-table. This lower table matches the table I have in the room that houses all my pc stuff and as right now it is used as my building table. I plan on attaching this lower table with a helix track to the top. The whole set up is a giant u shape set up. After thinking that I wanted more space (don’t everybody). I decide when the times right I will build another table on the left side that will hang 10-11 inches from top and another that will be 21 inches from top that will match the other side so I will have like a three-tier table set up when all is set up and running. I’ll have the top as the main line and some industries and the very bottom as my yard and half as my intermodal set up. While the middle will be more or less the prairie lands etc. Of course this can change at any time . More to come …

Back to the Trains

Back to the Trains
Well I started to mess around on my train set again. Like always once I start something I tend to get carried away. I wanted to just work on the track and start my scenery and I just could not pass up the deal I was offered. The local train store DCCtrains (plug) made me a sweet deal on a BNSF GE C44-9W with dcc decoder that I just could not pass up. Ill post o pic of it soon. I have some pics of the layout but they suck so ill go home today and produce some better ones then update this blog.