Fog Lamp Bulb Replacement on 2016 Focus Se

Fog Lamp Bulb Replacement on 2016 Focus Se


So my driver’s side fog lamp went out and I can’t stand driving with a light burned out. I scanned the internet and have all kinds of ways to replace the bulb. of course, all of the articles I found are for 2012-2017. but there are slight variations in the years. most articles tell you to remove the headlamp and go down from the top. but on the  2016 model, it is so tight that you can’t get your hand down the hole. the other articles tell you to jack the car up. remove the front wheel then remove the front wheel well skirt, which you will need to loosen the bottom deflector. way to much work. so one person in a bulletin board said to just remove the foglamp bezel and unscrew the fog lamp and change the bulb. guess what that is the easiest and best way to do this job. here is what I did when I changed my fog lamp bulb.


first, I removed the headlamp, I the was able just barley unplug the fog lamp bulb harness with a long screwdriver. I managed to get my hand down in the hole only to remove the old bulb and drop it. oh well, I let it go. I tried for fifteen minutes trying to get the new bulb in and could not manipulate my hand to get the bulb in without touching the glass. FYI if you touch he glass of halogen bulbs the oil on your hands will make them burn out very quickly, so do not touch the glass with bare hands!!.


as i was saying i could not get my hands down the freaking hold so them i remembered that one guy said to go from the front.


I pried the front bezel of the fog lamp of and Walla i see three screws holding the foglamp in.


I unscrew the three screws and the foglamp popped out.


I then replaced the bulb and reinstalled the lamp and snapped the bezel back in place.


no need of doing any of the other B.S. stuff. have fun