This week on WTF

so we all heard about the woman who had her face ripped off by her neighbors chimp. she had the first face transplant and now she wants to sue the government for allowing a wild animal to be in a private home. WTF!  this women is crazy and just wants money for her mistakes. she knew the chimp was wild and dangerous for she has told many others about it but yet she got in the way as to “help” and instead became a victim of her own stupid mistakes. to bad the chimp don’t just rip her head off and then we the tax payers would not have to worry about supporting her sorry ass.

Update 4-17-12

here i am again trying to post an update on the site but with little on hand to make a decent post. i have been on vaca last week and have accomplished absolutely nothing at all. i haven’t even worked on my train set. i did make it to a photo shoot. we met at the Ault park in cincy at night and tried to take some moon shots.  i didn’t do to well but the others had some assume shots.  one had a very beautiful shot of the Pavillion and just looking at her pic tells me that i need to learn more on how to compose my shots. my look drab and hers are just eye-popping. school starts up again Wednesday so ill have little time until i see how hard my classes are. was thinking i need to find a new fast prime lens but then i thought that i need to find more learning tools on composing. it’s not always the equipment that you have that makes a picture but the way you see it and how you capture the scene that makes the shot.