Journal 5 and Other Thoughts

Ok so what am I up to  today? Bro gave me a PC from a friend of his at work. It had some major virus issues and so far has taken me a day and a half to clean out. I was to the point that I was going to have to do a clean install to fix it. But so far my good ole programs are finding and extracting the nastiest. Its amazing how I can run three different programs that are to do the exact thing but they always find different garbage. At least they find the shit that those yahoos decide to put out. I still don’t understand why these shit is out there. Well then again I do. I still think that the big antivirus companies are the main source of most of the big scare. If all the virus where contained then those companies won’t have any jobs would they……as you read I am testing out this new journal program. I like the auto date and if I want I can send this one article straight up to my blog. In which case not this one. I hope to be writing some other stuff that I will take advantage of the upload feature. But this is to be a journal of personal shit that I really don’t want to share with everybody. Then again why else would someone write shit down knowing later on that somebody will read it.?? Catch 22..  Just like Anne frank diary. Technically it is her private words that she wrote to her self and many years later everybody knows what in it. So would it be a diary or a day to day history journal that is thru the eyes of the writer. Hhmm so now do we write for ourself or for others ?? Well I am begging to think that this session is not so private and I might just send it up to my blogg only so I have something up there in the first place. Well after thinking of that this journal 5 is kind of neat. This is the first time I have really written something in it. And being able to keep my thoughts to my self or share it with others is a neat feature. Times I use windows live writer. Its one of the best blogging tools out there but is I wanted to just write something for my self I had to do it in another program. This journal I can write what I want and if I feel like it I can send it to my blog all in the same program. I also like the auto date, and timing . Every time you start the program it opens up a new page in the journal under that time and date it is. I have used onenote only for I can access it from any PC but setting it up and creating labels eventide I use it was a kind of pain in the but. Plus it don’t play well with other programs and you can’t blog with it(that I know of). I have my journal set up on my PC and my laptop and I sync the data files thru my account that’s another great sharing program ill talk about later.  If you notice I’m not good at making paragraphs. I tend to keep writing line after line. Looks like I need to start using paragraphs so its easier following what I am saying. I going to start digging into this journal to see what else it can do. Ok I have just installed my aviator up top. Most of the time when I blog I insert the aviator online along with tags. I still have to see if I can add tags to this when I up load. I now it gives me a title prompt when I up load so I know the title works. And if I ad my own aviator in the post then that takes care of that. Hhmm lets see about tags….. well you would not have noticed but my drafts are full of misspellings and I am really bad at spelling. That’s one reason I ten to lean to the digital journal for the auto fix and spell checking is great. This journal also has top notch spell checking on it. Now back to finding a way for tagging my blogs if that is possible……well I have been side tracked ill update later..