just cheking

well I’m just checking this new journal program for my mac. i looks nice and seems to do the job . I’m just spoiled on windows programs. i just set it up to upload to my blog and it works great. smooth transactions . spell check works great. spalling is one of my weaknesses. humm lets try a picture. wow i pic a pic and wpid-IMAG0282-2011-10-1-14-132.jpgdragged it to the work sopt and it placed it there then double click to refuse size and wall its here. now well send it up to the blog to see if it works and how it looks. anyway ill post more as time permits. i have a review to write on my ne macbook pro , some camera lens, and a review on the toshiba thrive which i had and sent back. all that for latter . now i notched it will post in the section that i want but i have not figures out how to add tags and stuff so i would have to log in and adjust my tags .

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