Well I signed up for the Digital Photo Days seminar. I decided to go to the one in Denver Colorado. one reason is because it falls on my birthday and I thought I treat myself to a decent vaca this year and second I need to waste my vaca days. my bro will be house sitting with my boy’s(dogs). so I will have the time to myself. I will be driving out and have arranged to stay in a one room condo in Vail Colorado. its about an hour west of Denver but I rather stay up in the mountains and have some cool photo opps then stay in town plus I spend the same doing it but with a better room and view. the place ill be is the antlers of Vail. a big ski resort and I’m going at the right time just before winter so ill get 35% of my room. hell that will save me almost a grand in room fees. I have been scouting the area on Google earth and have seen some neat places I have to go to. I will be racing up there on the expressways to get more time there but on the way home ill have 3 days to get home and will be taking mostly back roads to see more of the country. highways are great if your in a hurry but to see the country you have to slow down and take the back roads and enjoy the sights. ill update when I’m out there so stay tune for more.

PN-60 earthmate

I just got a hold the pn-60 earthmate gps then a couple of days later I returned it. I just didn’t live up to my expectation. I know the street maps are not the hard core of the unit . it’s more for the outback usage. but come on just spend 300 on a gps and the road maps are 8 years outdated. wow I could see 1-2 years but not 8. I wrote a post and one response is that the roads are not the main function of the unit and the outback don’t need to be updated as much since they don’t change as much but still it seems to be out dated for something I just bought. anyway I used it a couple of times and I thought it was a pain in the ass to use. it never even got the cache loaded it kept on erroring. the compass only work once. after I had to recaliper it a dozen times. in my books I thought I was a waste and returned it. I ordered the Garmin 450t and will have it next week. well see what happens then.