Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

well here we are today in my new hosting site. i been having problems with the old site that i decided to move. ive been with the old site for a very long time so it was hard to make the move. i was so use to their way that when i moved i had to learn the new c-panel and understand the new host controls. my new host is Bluehost . so far i really like the set up. and the speed.. iits like night and day. i was taking 5-10 minutes just to loginto my old host. new its zap im in. also when ever i loaded some of the scripts that they offer, on the old host it would take 15min to a couple of hrs for it to set up. under bluehost its withn minutes and its all set up. like i said its day and night. the old host just replied to an complant about a zencart install i tried a month ago and couldnt get it to work. even though i used to run a zen cart store of the old host years ago with no problems. not it was just impossiable to get one to run. 30 days after the compaint the told me i would have to load some file in a .htl file to make it work.  hhhmm never had to do that before and they installed the script not me. go soak yourself moth$%^$.

i have been updateing and installing my sites onto the new host. my www.rassites.com is up, this site, and i am working on my lingerie store still. hopefully i have the stor up soon along with the forum again. stay tuned and well see what other crap i can get up and running.

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