New reviews coming

hey ya all. what’s been happening? well with school and work I have little time to write. schools almost over and ill be graduated and out at the end of June. been thinking of going back in November for another degree. its call Biomedical Electrical Engineering. it is offered here at Cincinnati State College and I’m really interested in it. so I think I’m going to give it a try and go for it. as for reviews I have new camera equipment , the Tamron 18-270mm PZD and I just received the new Sigma 8-16mm wide zoom. its suppose to be really nice out this week end so ill hope I get out and shoot some pics with them. I also received the Spider3 monitor calibration and hope that will work to my satisfaction, and last I have a Vallo battery grip to put on my Canon T2i that will give me two batteries and a vertical grip. were see what happens this week end.

Home Sweet Home

well here we are today in my new hosting site. i been having problems with the old site that i decided to move. ive been with the old site for a very long time so it was hard to make the move. i was so use to their way that when i moved i had to learn the new c-panel and understand the new host controls. my new host is Bluehost . so far i really like the set up. and the speed.. iits like night and day. i was taking 5-10 minutes just to loginto my old host. new its zap im in. also when ever i loaded some of the scripts that they offer, on the old host it would take 15min to a couple of hrs for it to set up. under bluehost its withn minutes and its all set up. like i said its day and night. the old host just replied to an complant about a zencart install i tried a month ago and couldnt get it to work. even though i used to run a zen cart store of the old host years ago with no problems. not it was just impossiable to get one to run. 30 days after the compaint the told me i would have to load some file in a .htl file to make it work.  hhhmm never had to do that before and they installed the script not me. go soak yourself moth$%^$.

i have been updateing and installing my sites onto the new host. my is up, this site, and i am working on my lingerie store still. hopefully i have the stor up soon along with the forum again. stay tuned and well see what other crap i can get up and running.