a little of tit and tat

Well well what do we have here? was watching some old mission impossible TV shows. they were using a record player for their contacts. yep not a tape recorder, a reel to reel but a record player. haven’t seen them in a very long time. I still have my record player and about a couple of hundred albums. if you don’t know what i am talking about then its way before your time. check it out sometime.

The New Year is Here

well here we are in the year 2011.  huh in the olden days by this time we would / should have flying cars, AI, been to mars or colonized the moon. well we know that aint going to happen. we have to many politicians and religious groups that want to do everything but the right thing.  just think we have not even finished exploring our own earth and everybody wants to fly out to space. hell I wouldn’t mind or for that matter I wouldn’t mind exploring the ocean depths .

so what are your new years resolutions? first thing on my agenda is to get out of debt, then finish school, then might go back to school, I want to go mountain climbing, travel, I want to start shooting with my own weapons. oh yeah get laid by some beautiful women.  hmm I might just have to put that to the number one spot lol.

well I hope everything’s going ok and talk to ya later.