still here

still here

well I’m still kick in. work been tough lately. my company is upgrading there network and i have a short time to get them company upgraded. bought new dells with Intel’s new I7 cpu. so far they are pretty nice.

been brain storming on my book i keep saying i want to write. i guess i just don’t want it all that bad. i keep putting it off time after time. its something i need to get in the mood for. this is the difference of a real writer and just an everyday dreamer that wants to write. being a writer is harder than people think. ya i can sit down every now and then and jot something down like I’m doing now. but to create a book and make it good is the hard part. i need to look into some workshops .  start school this evening.  i have 3 quarters left yaaaha. kind of of getting burned out . but ill keep on trucking to the end.

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