here we are again.

well its its that time of year when everybody rushes to get things done. rush rush rush. that’s what everybody dose now a days. big t-day and C-day just right around the corner. just received a bunch of new pc’s for work. be spending a lot of time just setting them up and installing. keeps me busy. well not much on this post but more to come later..

mm mm good

went out this week end with my buddy and his wife to a couple of haunted houses for the hween weekend. they ask another friend one of teir female freinds along and we all went out. (read between the lines something like a blind date). no problem, i don’t mind need to get out of the house every now and then. this tend to look pretty good. shes pretty and the most important thing is availiable. with luck it turns out tat i like her right from the get go. just found out that she also like me. hhmm hope this goes well. other than that my days are still hoe hum. work school work school. now maybe i can have some fun and more. hehehehe. i cant say that over teh years most of the haunted house just suck or that were at that age where the monsters don’t opay much attention to us to scar anymore. just becouse we are bigger or in some cases a lot bigger. that we just dont take them out when they scare us should not be an issue. but again i always had fun just to scare them instead. well until next bs session.