Cotton Carrier Reviews

skull well i just got the cotton carrier for my camera and so far i like it. was able to get out and take some shots last weekend and i put the holder on and used it while i was downtown Cinci.

the carrier is the best i have used so far. i don’t like the straps that came with my camera because its just to thick and uncomfortable. i have bought the sun bounce camera strap. that work ok . it attaches to the bottom of the camera and slide up and down the strap. but i don’t like that it always swing and wasn’t to good for hiking up and down hills or riding your bike.

the Cotton carrier with the quick connect lets you hang your camera in front of you and it stays there. it don’t swing around. it hugs your body so you can climb hills and ride a bike with quick access to the camera for fast pics. one of the best products i have bought in a long time. it is also very well built and i think it will last a long time. be testing it more as time allows 


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