Eye-fi aaahh not…

skull well i have bought the Eye-fi pro2. i hooked it up to the pc and it worked but not as expected. it was slow uploading my pics. it was 10 times faster for me just to pull the sd card out and insert it into the pc and copy over than waiting for the eyefi card to upload. i also couldn’t get the adhoc to work. the main goal was if i was out shooting and filled my card i could jut have my laptop pull the pics off for me between shoots. but couldn’t even get the adhoc to work. i also figured that i am using a 16gig sd card and have over 250 jpg+raw pics on it that for the money of a $100 + for a 8gig eyefi i can get a 64gig high speed sd card and be faster with uploads and hold more pics between up loads. so i sent the card back. for me it was a waste and not worth the effort.

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