GPS 1490t is here!

GPS 1490t is here!

Well I  just received my net GPS a garmin nuvi 1490t today. Will be putting it to the test. My old god was a garmin 265wt and it worked sweet but we had a wave a crime rip thru or side of town. Kids been getting into vehicles and steeling stuff out of them. Shot I was hit twice. The first time I under stand the stuff that was taken was my camera equipment and a laptop. OK I did leave it unlock, bell I always left it unlock back in the days and recently I had the habit of locking it if I had stuff in it. I thought I locked it but with my new truck the buttons of the locks toggle the opposite way then my old truck so I bet I unlocked if anything. One stricken against me. The second time two weeks later swore up and down that I locked it bit again I bet I unlocked instead. Two strikes. But I won be had I third time.  If I ever catch the assholes the taken my shot it’s not the cops that will be called but the Horst. At insurance covered most of it. I still lost out on the long run. But at least I have some new current stuff. Like this new goal and a new camera that I think that I posted on an earlier blog. Be doing some reviews on them soon, see-ya then..

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