Cotton Carrier Reviews

skull well i just got the cotton carrier for my camera and so far i like it. was able to get out and take some shots last weekend and i put the holder on and used it while i was downtown Cinci.

the carrier is the best i have used so far. i don’t like the straps that came with my camera because its just to thick and uncomfortable. i have bought the sun bounce camera strap. that work ok . it attaches to the bottom of the camera and slide up and down the strap. but i don’t like that it always swing and wasn’t to good for hiking up and down hills or riding your bike.

the Cotton carrier with the quick connect lets you hang your camera in front of you and it stays there. it don’t swing around. it hugs your body so you can climb hills and ride a bike with quick access to the camera for fast pics. one of the best products i have bought in a long time. it is also very well built and i think it will last a long time. be testing it more as time allows 


Eye-fi aaahh not…

skull well i have bought the Eye-fi pro2. i hooked it up to the pc and it worked but not as expected. it was slow uploading my pics. it was 10 times faster for me just to pull the sd card out and insert it into the pc and copy over than waiting for the eyefi card to upload. i also couldn’t get the adhoc to work. the main goal was if i was out shooting and filled my card i could jut have my laptop pull the pics off for me between shoots. but couldn’t even get the adhoc to work. i also figured that i am using a 16gig sd card and have over 250 jpg+raw pics on it that for the money of a $100 + for a 8gig eyefi i can get a 64gig high speed sd card and be faster with uploads and hold more pics between up loads. so i sent the card back. for me it was a waste and not worth the effort.

HDR program

skull hey what’s up. it looks like i can write a little more a lot often. started to use window live writer. makes it a lot easier to update site. don’t always have to log into site and wait. ill just jot something down and send it up the way i want it. my EVO has a word press add in but it don’t let me do my pics and tags the same as on the pc. anyway i have been messing with a HDR program and taking some cool shots i have and converting them to HDR. like the two below the first is original shot and the second is the HDR shot.

IMG_0233 (Large)  IMG_0233hdr

i go to Photoshop and take the original pic and make two addition copies. one set at +2 contrast and the second one set at –2 contrast. then i go to my HDR program and load all three jpg’s. +2, –2, and original jpgs are then merged together to get the high dramatic resolution you see on the final product. there is a lot of adjustments to make your pics just pop out. check it out some time. i have more HDR pics over at my gallery

Pics from EVO

skull I was at a local store which sits next to a cement gravel company. the tend to have there lime and other resources railed in by rail cares. and when i was there i took these pics with my EVO. these pics turn out really good. for the most part the EVO boasts a 8 meg camera. and it takes really nice pics. my old Canon Digital Rebel (first digital ever made) was only 6.5 meg. the EVO produces some really sweet pics. i was looking into a small all around camera fro fast shots when i don’t have my Canon T2i with me. and i think that this EVO will be just as good as the small point and shoots. i get some more pics and compare them in a future blog.

IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045

live writer working.

skull well i have just loaded live writer and it looks like it works pretty good. i have used this in the past but it didn’t work as expected then. now it seems to work with my blog pretty good. will do more test and see what happens, well just sent this up a couple of minutes ago and every thing seems to work. i am very happy now.

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It works hahaha

It works hahaha

 well I have just set up my word 2010 to use as a blogging editor. And so far it is working pretty good. I was using an gif avator from the site to create my skull pic but cant seem to make it work from word. Don’t see an area for post avatars or anything to create tags. So far I just load the skull pic into the blog and it looks the same just don’t rotate.

Onenote or not

Onenote or not

          I really like onenote but tend to not want to log-in my PC and type all the time. I would like  update onenote from my phone but so-far no good. As I have mentioned in a earlier post I was trying out evermore but I felt that I was limited. I have gottenthe 2010 onenote that let’s you set up a web based sync but it won’t work with my probe either. Can somebody please make an app for that? I would if I was more of a programmer but I am not that bright in programming . I know the basics but I tend to more into the hardware side of it.

Quick review 1490t

Quick review 1490t


          Well I have been using the garmin 1490T for the last couple of days. Been very good. I like the junction view on the express ways it is very helpful. The only thing I have problems with is the security feature. I set the code and you are to be able to set a destination like your home as a main location so you don’t have enter decode when you are there. Well it makes me enter my code every time. Of course breather it do thatcher let a flicking thief steal it and use it. At least this way its useless to them. Of size is about the same as it was from my garmin 265wt model. Other than that there is not much difference that I see. Will test it out more this weekend and report back.


GPS 1490t is here!

GPS 1490t is here!

Well I  just received my net GPS a garmin nuvi 1490t today. Will be putting it to the test. My old god was a garmin 265wt and it worked sweet but we had a wave a crime rip thru or side of town. Kids been getting into vehicles and steeling stuff out of them. Shot I was hit twice. The first time I under stand the stuff that was taken was my camera equipment and a laptop. OK I did leave it unlock, bell I always left it unlock back in the days and recently I had the habit of locking it if I had stuff in it. I thought I locked it but with my new truck the buttons of the locks toggle the opposite way then my old truck so I bet I unlocked if anything. One stricken against me. The second time two weeks later swore up and down that I locked it bit again I bet I unlocked instead. Two strikes. But I won be had I third time.  If I ever catch the assholes the taken my shot it’s not the cops that will be called but the Horst. At insurance covered most of it. I still lost out on the long run. But at least I have some new current stuff. Like this new goal and a new camera that I think that I posted on an earlier blog. Be doing some reviews on them soon, see-ya then..