Fuckin Spyware

Why oh why does it happen to me?? I was recently hit by spyware. The spyware was some kind of worm that took my drives and changed them so you can’t access them. It’s something like autorun a and every time you click the drive it spreads and files disappear. This sucks. Ended up redoing my server. Saved most of my files.  Had to use a program called dr web. To fix it. Then ran 3 other programs to fix the system. Then I still was missing my videos .avi files. I came across a program call get back data. This set me back fifty bucks but it’s the best file recovery I have ever used. Most of the time I just find freeware and use but this program was so good I bought it. Works great. Also use superantispyware. Another great program.  What’s the sense in writing this fuckin spyshit?  If you want to steal something I understand. But just to bug the shit out of everybody sucks. I still think of the conspiracy that people create new viruses and spyware just so you have to buy the programs to fix the fuckups. Oh well at least I can fix this shit myself.

Let’s hook up

Well it must be summertime and all of the beautiful women are out. How about looking me up and let’s get together? All the babes I see are hooked or married. Why is it that all the babes I know all of their friends are taken? Or the reply I get the most is I don’t have any girl friends their all men. For the record Cincinnati sucks for the single life. If things work out, maybe after I finish school ill go travelling like I always wanted to do and the way things work for me I will have a choice then stay Herr with the new chick I just met or leave and travel. Hmm decision, decisions…..

I like what I hear

A couple of new bands I just came across turn out to be really good. The first band is the twin sisters the Veronicas. They have some real cool songs with catchy tune. The other one is a Christian rock band called fireflight. both bands just jam. i have been hooked on both of them and listining to all of their songs for weeks now. check out the vids i loaded on the right side and see what you think of.

EVO’s Back

well i wrote awhile back about my EVO turning into a brick. i thought i posted an update when i got it back but i guess not. or i just screwed something up again while i have been updating my WP. well i got a new one 24 hrs later . they had to overnight it for they had non in stock. as i was standing waiting for everything to be done i noticed i wasn’t the only one with a brick. i always say if you gotta have the first of everything expect to be the first to break down. well the new one works great. the newest update dose not brick the phone and works great. i love this phone. i have a couple of games and i have been completely addicted to them. the video is great and i have it sync. to my ford explorer. the sync for my ford and the EVO is really cool. i never had done the hands free cell before. i love when the phone rings the car stereo turns the volume to the phone. so i can answer the phone and hear everything. last time with out syncing my phone will ring and if i had the stereo cranked up i would miss the call. no more missed calls now(unless i want to hehehe:) cant wait for the android 2.2 to come out. part of the up date gave the EVO network wireless n capabilities. this is great i was driving while a program was downloading and when i came to a stop i was in front of a free WiFi area. my phone automatically switched to that WiFi, logged on and continued to download at a faster rate. cool…. well have to go. if any body wants to advertise for free for this year send me an email for 125×125 rotating spots or 160×600 spots. free for the rest of 2010.