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Well here we are again another week ended. Just trying t make it thru the day. Have some homework to do by Monday but ill put it off until at least tomorrow. Talking about school I have 1yr 1 qtr to go. Wow is this going by fast. Of course some of these courses I feel I’m not learning didly. Next qtr I have physics, electronic devices and programming in ‘c’. Now those classes look cool. I had physics 1 and 2 back in 87 when I tried to go to school back then I a passed with ease but we had a high school teacher as a sub 4 physics 3 and since that teacher had no idea what to do I just dropped out wasn’t learning a single thing then. Hopefully it will come easy to me this time as It did last time not unlike algebra that I just hate and can’t do. Parts of trig is hard but most are easy if you remember the formulas.

well i’m in the middle of another project. i am fixing a thinkpad t60 for a friend. i just don’t have the habit of to take pics and write steps down on what i’m doing. if i did that i would have a shit load of tortorials for everybody with all the repairs i do. hmm have to see what up.

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