on and on and on


Well here we are again another week ended. Just trying t make it thru the day. Have some homework to do by Monday but ill put it off until at least tomorrow. Talking about school I have 1yr 1 qtr to go. Wow is this going by fast. Of course some of these courses I feel I’m not learning didly. Next qtr I have physics, electronic devices and programming in ‘c’. Now those classes look cool. I had physics 1 and 2 back in 87 when I tried to go to school back then I a passed with ease but we had a high school teacher as a sub 4 physics 3 and since that teacher had no idea what to do I just dropped out wasn’t learning a single thing then. Hopefully it will come easy to me this time as It did last time not unlike algebra that I just hate and can’t do. Parts of trig is hard but most are easy if you remember the formulas.

well i’m in the middle of another project. i am fixing a thinkpad t60 for a friend. i just don’t have the habit of to take pics and write steps down on what i’m doing. if i did that i would have a shit load of tortorials for everybody with all the repairs i do. hmm have to see what up.

snow snow everywhere snow!!!

whoo did it snow here. 5+ inches of the white stuff. roads wernt to bad only the drivers really suck. IF YOUR VEHICLE HAVE BALD TIRES, REAR WHEEL DRIVE OR NO  NON TRACTION CONTROL OR YOU CAN’T EVEN DRIVE IN THE RAIN STAY HOME IDIOTS!!!!! only problems i have are the idiots that can’t drive in any weather including sunsine!! 

Well here we are again and I am just touching in. I should be starting my thesis for school but have not thought of a good enough one to do. Tried a serious of different ones but keep hitting a blank wall.  Well I sent some flowers to MR but I don’t know what’s up she never mentioned any thing again oh well.

Got a couple of bills to go and I am out of debt again. Maybe. I have been looking at a bike to get . Don’t want anything real expensive for I don’t want to have a payment for long. Been looking at houses again also. Looking for at least a two acre lot . Thought I found one with 4 acres but it would need a lot of work for being 147 years old I gather a lot of work. I stopped by and the lot ids skinner then my lot all the acreage goes strait back only about a hundred feet wide.  Also the house sits right on the road. Can’t stand that. Well until next time …