blogen again


Well here we are another entry. I was going to start by selecting a subject and then write about it. But I rally not in the mode to do it now. Hell I really fell like just shutting this down and going to sleep. I have to at least attempt to finish my homework tomorrow for math. But I even don’t really fell like doing that. Having two weeks of from school rally sucks because it gets me out of the mood to do what I need to do. I am playing around with this OneNote program but theirs always something I don’t like about it. It seems so impersonal I might as use word . It just has some more toys to play with . Like in one post before I can write my stuff with a pen and in different colors on my tablet but my writing sucks so bad that it can’t even decipher what I wrote. Well fuck it time to go I rather go to sleep and dream of some pretty girls all night. Now if I can only get what I dream and day dream out on paper maybe I could have a cool novel to write. But hell that’s the problem I have now with my first notes I have. I have to jot down more ideas and keep a tally of them so I can put it all together one day. Just like dad he has hundreds of papers with his book but has no push to get it done. Well good night . I think ill post this on my blog since I need to blog something hope your not to board with it. if somebody gives me a subject then ill blog my opinions on it.

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